Law and legal authority basic security guard training

law and legal authority

Basic security guard training Unit 3 Lesson (A)

The law or the legal system of the country grants everyone the right to life, liberty, and security. The right will not deprive except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.

As a security guard, you must know the country law, rights, and privileges under it. Most common rights and freedoms that relates the particular security guard job are;

  • Everybody has the option to live in freedom and security;
  • Everyone has the right against unreasonable search or take things from them.
  • Everybody has the right against detaining or imprison without reason;
  • Everybody has the right to know the reason for arrest and detain.

The police are the legal authority of the country and play an important role in public security. Similar roles play the security officer to protect the client and his/her property as well.

When you are at the situation to detain or arrest someone should remember their fundamental rights. Everyone has the right not to be unreasonably searched or seizure. So, in the course of the search for someone, there should be reasonable grounds for it.

Without good reason, personal property can not be taken or searched by the security guard. The police or the security officer who fails to abide by it may see the case in the court for the violation of the law.

The important points that you should know;
  • Private security supports the role of the police by a safe society
  •  Police forces have many roles in each state
  •  It is important for private security to work together with the police
  •  The police should be called when there is an emergency
  •  If the police come to your worksite officially, you should obtain information from them for your report.
The legal system and crime.
  1. Crime can involve doing something against the law or failing to do something the law requires
  2.   A crime has legal, moral, and material elements
  3.  Customary law can also use to decide disputes
  4.  Law can be either civil or criminal
  5.  Civil law involves disagreements between people or commercial interests
  6.  Criminal law can be made up of felonies, misdemeanors, or contravention
  7.  Landlord/tenant disputes are part of civil law and guards guarding property come across this a lot
  8.  Punishments in court usually depend on the kind of offense, the seriousness of the offense and kind of law they offense or breach.
  9.  Security guard appearing in court be on time, prepare, and should act professionally
  10. When questioned in court, guards insure what they are asked and should always give truthful answers, even if the is “I don’t know”
  11.  When giving the testimony in the court guards should always follow the instruction of the judge.

If the security guard violates the personal rights of someone may subject to investigate or charge under the criminal law. Hence, the main purpose of law and legal authority lesson is to warn the consequences of violating others rights by a security guard.

Although the security guard works as a similar role to the police officer they don’t have a special power just like police officer have on detaining and arrest, search and seizure.

In terms of the above, a security guard may ask someone to search their property if the company policy requires. Anyway, be serious about your job and always remember you have not more power than the general public on the search and seizure. The security guard has the power of civilian arrest if the evidence is sufficient.

The law and legal authority lesson is a very short lesson on the training session. But, it is important, for that reason it teaches you the violation of the fundamental rights and consequences of doing so.

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