Emergency situation security guard training

Emergency situation

Basic security guard training Unit 5 Lesson (C)

An emergency situation can happen anytime there is not prediction in general. In your worksite, you may face the problem such as fire, bomb threat, medical emergency and natural flood, earthquake, etc.

In the case of the emergency situation, you have multiple responsibilities from the beginning to the end of the event. Security guards are expected to react to the emergency immediately and appropriately. Doing so you can minimize the impact on human life and damaging the property from the urgency.

The important thing to deal with an emergency situation is to prevent it from happening. During the emergency, you must have the plan to follow up and act accordingly. Always be aware of the surroundings and try to find the fire and safety hazard at your workplace.

An emergency situation is a serious occurrence, that happens unexpectedly and required immediate action.

What is Emergency situations?
  • A serious occurrence: Something that is not routine or that requires a low-level response.
  • That happens unexpectedly; something that is not scheduled to happen or that is out of the ordinary.
  • Requires immediate action: will become worse if not attended in the right way.

An emergency situation can be:

  1. Man-made
  2. Natural

Manmade: accident, major crimes, equipment failure (lift/escalator)

Natural: Disaster, flood, earthquake, public health emergencies (outbreak of disease (plague)

Impact of emergency;
  1. Danger to life: (medical: – heart attack/ stroke)
  2. The Danger to health
  3. Danger to property

People reaction in an emergency;

  • Shock: Some people shock by emergencies and do not do anything.
  • Disbelieve: Some people will refuse to accept what is happening
  • Crying and shouting
  • Running away
During emergencies security guard should:
  • Calm: you cannot give help if you can not react properly. Panic people turn to you for assistance.
  • Ask for help: contact with the supervisor, control room, police
  • Use the resources around you: know where people can get shelter in an emergency (marshaling point/ assembly area)
  • Follow up a plan: If your worksite has a disaster plan know what it acts to follow up.
Dealing with an emergency;
  • An important factor in dealing with emergencies effectively is LEADERSHIP.
  • In an emergency situation, people act differently, you need to know how people react.
  • The most important thing you can do to deal with an emergency is the plan if to happen “always think about what you would do it”
  • In an event of an emergency at a building, a security guard should assist people for safe evacuation.
  • The most important aspect of building evacuation is having a plan for safe evacuation and conducting it without panic.
  • In order to have a safe and panic-free evacuation, a security guard should always read the site emergency plan.
If there is not a site emergency plan you should think always;
  1. Prepare in advance: if there is an emergency situation on your site. It may need safe evacuation. Make sure everyone know the evacuation plan and the procedure. (if a possible practice on a monthly basis)
  2. Know what you are going to do: You must know your role in an emergency. Set up the assembly area in advance and think where the people go if they can not go back to the building.
  3. Know how to do it:  ( you must think how to handle the emergency situation. You may be required training and practicing on your site before an emergency happens)
  4. Know what happens: when you do it Count people and make sure everyone has been evacuated.
  5. Expect them. Unexpected: If possible, have alternate ways of doing everything, (one staircase may be blocked/unavailable, always keep fire doors unlocked and exit clear.)
Your regular duties will help you to prepare for emergency building evacuation;
  • Always keep fire doors unlocked.
  • Check regularly.
  • Make sure emergency lighting and equipment’s works.
  • Ensure your list up to date.
  • Know where helpful equipment is located.
  • Be prepared to help the disables, elderly people and infants.

Assembly area: An assembly area is a pre-determined location for evacuate to meet.

  • Search and rescue during an emergency should only be undertaken by properly trained and equipped professionals. Entering a damaged building can be extremely dangerous.
  • The evacuated building should only be re-entered If an emergency official tells you it is safe to do so.
In Summary;
  • One of the important roles of security is to assist in an emergency
  • An emergency situation is a serious occurrence that happens unexpectedly and requires immediate action.
  • Emergency situations can be man-made or natural
  • People have a different reaction in an emergency.
  • In an emergency, keep calm, ask for help, use the resources around you, follow a plan, and know your site.
  • The most important thing you can do to deal with an emergency is a plan for it to happen
  • The most important aspect of building evacuation is having a plan for safe evacuation and conducting it without panic.
  • In planning for building evacuation, prepare advance, know what you are going to do, know-how what happens when you do it and expect the unexpected.
  • Your regular duties will help you prepare for emergency building evacuation
  • In an evacuation, prepare to help the disabled, the elderly, and infants and children
  • Assemble areas where locations for evacuees to meet
  • Evacuated buildings should only be re-entered if an emergency official tells to do so.

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