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Basic security guard training Unit 4 Lesson (E)

CCTV refers to the closed-circuit television also as known video surveillance. The cameras use to transmit the signal to a specific location on the set of monitors. Generally, the CCTV uses surveillance in areas that may need monitoring such as banks, stores, and other areas where security is needed.

In industrial plants, CCTV equipment uses to observe the part of a process from the control room. For example, where the surrounding is a danger for people CCTV systems can operate continuously help us to monitor that area.

  • The CCTV system can be a very useful tool for a security guard.
  • CCTV can be used where it is more practical than personal surveillance.
  • It is a growing tool for a private security industry and security guard should be able to recognize this technology.
  • In areas where surveillance doesn’t want to be noticed (for the prevention of shoplifting in the shop.)
  • The areas where surveillance does want to notice (outside doors where a client want people to know are noticing)
  • In areas where is dangerous or impractical to have a person conduct surveillance. (Inside a boiler or in the middle of the large crowded people)
  • In watching a large area of land or property.
Example of CCTV & Accessories:
  • Stationary camera: permanent
  • Moveable/PTZ (pan tilt zoom) camera
  • Domes camera
  • Joystick
  • Monitor
  • DVR
The basic components of the CCTV system;

When we see from outside, the CCTV system looks complex but the reality is simple to understand. There are only a few components need to successfully install the system.

  1. Security camera

cameraThe security cameras are a vital component of the CCTV system. The camera sends the signals to the CCTV monitor which displays those signal as footage. All the camera are not designated equally because those depend on the brand and the innovation.

The different brands have different feature and mounting option. Most common security cameras find in the market are using a dome camera, bullet camera, covert camera, or PTZ camera.

2.  DVR

DVR The security DVR (digital video recording) is a device where the camera capturing video is recorded, stored and managed. The DVR system comes with pre-installation software and it helps you to manage and configure each camera individually.

Each camera connects to the DVR system with cable and DVR has available 4, 8 and 16 configuration channel. Each camera has its own channel for configuration.

3. CCTV cable

cctv cable The CCTV cables are cables which attach or link the camera to the DVR system. There are two types of cable that need to install the camera and CCTV.

      1. Power cable: which gives the power to the camera
      2. Signal cable: which sends the signal to the DVR system.

4. BNC Connectors

BNC connectorIn the simple language, we call BNC connector as a cable terminator. The connectors attach two CCTV cable. And it also connects to the DVR system.



5. CCTV Power Supply

power supply The CCTV power supply allows you to power the security cameras. They are available in 24VAC or 12VDC power types, and they are in different voltage strengths.

Without power, the camera can not function, so constant power is needed for capturing the footage and sending them to the DVR.

The power supply or in other words, the adapter which holds the high voltage and sends only appropriate power to the camera. It also protects the camera from the power fluctuation.

Why CCTV is important for protection?

There is much reason why CCTV has become an important tool for security protection. Here is some reason many organization has been adapted CCTV in the security system.

  1. It is cost-effective than the security guards.
  2. Help to prevent crime
  3. Safe the property from employees theft
  4. The capturing footages consider valuable evident
  5. Help the police to solve the crime
  6. Keep an eye on elderly folks
  7. Monitoring high-risk area
  8. Protecting the staffs
  9. Encourage good behavior
  10. customer confident.

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