use of force basic security and police training

use of force

Basic security guard training Unit 3 Lesson (D)

“Use of power or force” is the number of efforts from the security or law enforcement officers uses to compel the unwilling object. The use of force doctrine generally employs by a security guard, police and military officer on duty.

This doctrine has developed in many countries in the world. Because of the government and the public fear that uniform officers may abuse the power and use the weapon even though is not necessary.

During performing some assigned duty the security officer must be able to evaluate whether the application of the force is required?.

The intent of this section is to provide some of the issues that the security officer will consider in determining if the use of force is necessary?. If it’s necessary then what degree of the power is justifiable?.

In some circumstances, the law may give protection to the officer who uses the forcible compelling tactic. But the officer who uses the inappropriate or the excessive force will be accountable for their action.

Any method of “use of force” starts from the officers’ presence and maybe end in the deadly force.

  1. Officer Presence (using the effective presence and authority figure to the subject)
  2. Verbal communication (commanding the subject through verbal communication)
  3. Empty hand control (utilizing hands to look, diminish weapons, immobilize, or generally control a subject)
  4. Neutral weapons (using non-lethal substances, electronic or non-impact weapons on a subject)
  5. Fatal or deadly Force (using any force likely to cause permanent injury or death to a subject)

The deadly way should not be considered to solve the problem until the situation reaches the threaten your life and the life of the person who is under your protection. Use of force must be reasonable and you can justify that was necessary.

What are the factors contribute to assessing the level of forced to use?
  1. size
  2. age
  3. sex
  4. physical condition ( injury, healthy or sick)
  5. skills (you possess to demonstrate)
  6. you are confident to handle the subject.

As a security officer, you should compare between you and your potential for making control to the subject potential to resist. The decision will impact on you through the level of force you used to compel the subject.

How to avoid the use of executive force?

If you use the too much force that case of death or injury subject. It considers the homicide therefore always try to find the solution with non-physical ways to handle any problem that may arise on your duty.

  1. Verbal solutions

Most of the situation can resolve by talking, That’s why use the effective communication skill instead of the use of force to ending the situation. Professional security guards always able to de-escalate the tension by taking and solve the problem virtuously. There are other sections to teach you about the effective communication click here.

2. Non-physical tactics

The security guard presence is enough to keep someone away from committing a crime. Your presence can deter crime, so be visible as possible as on your duty. However, there are many other ways that you can use to avoid using physical compel to solve the problem.

  1. Observe someone ( what’s she/he doing)
  2. call the police and take care of them instead of involving with them.
  3. Move out yourself from the escalating situation and information to the police.
  4. Call for back up if other guards are available in the tense situation.
  5. Inform other guards or public before moving into the situation that could be dangerous.

As possible as exercise restrain on making the hasty decision to use the power for resolving the problem. Use alternative ways to avoid legal action against you after involving the problem.

In summary:

  • The use of force is a difficult decision for a security guard
  • There is 4 consideration must remember in case the use of force is contemplated.
  • Not all use of force is illegal
  • Security guard must be able to justify using force and that force used was reasonable, necessary, and not excessive
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