20 receptionist interview questions make you to success

receptionist interview questions

Receptionist interview questions:

A company receptionist performs the different formal roles including answering telephone callsarranging meetings and handling customer complaints.

Although the receptionist performs the roles directly related to the customer service, most of the companies the receptionist position comes under the administration department.

The employment company or the interview team is always looking for candidates with outstanding organizational skills to create a successful workplace environment.

Although you may be asked about the bookkeeping and scheduling experience in an interview, effective communication is the most important skill that you need to demonstrate to impress the interviewer.

Receptionist Skills and Qualifications:
  • Phone handling Skills,
  • Effective Speaking,
  • Virtual Office Skills,
  • Effective Listening,
  • Professionalism,
  • Good Customer Service,
  • Organizational Skills,
  • Other Information,
  • Stress Management,
  • Supply Management Skills

When you answering the question, Give personal stories about times when you’d pleased a disappointed customer or worked around a scheduling conflict.

Since I worked with many clients for employee recruitment, I have conducted many interviews with receptionist candidates for overseas needs.

I am pleased to send you the frequently asked interview question for the receptionist position in order to enable the young ladies to obtain receptionist jobs.

Receptionist interview questions. 
  1. Why are you applying for this position?

Answer:- I’ve been working in a hotel for the last 5 years in hospitality, and I am looking for a job that includes challenges and rewards. I believe this is a place that exactly I m looking for.

2. Do you want to relocate?

Answer:– Yeah, why not, if there is a chance to develop my skills in advance to help the future, then obviously location doesn’t matter for me because I am workaholic.

3. How can you handle complaints?

Answer:– I think I can handle the anger of visitors and try to calm them. First, I will listen carefully and understand the matter of complainant, then I will make relax the customer by realizing that I will resolve the problem.

I will not forget the company policy and the customer’s rights in the interest of the solution. My resolution does not impact client reputation or consumer rights, I mean i will make the win-win solution.

4. Are you willing to be a part of our company? 

Answer:– Sure, sir, I’m going to do my best to be your organization’s most loyal employee. Of course, sir, I’m waiting to be part of the biggest company like yours. I can’t tell lies that I’m going to do the best, but I’m going to try all, for growing the company business and make it even better.

5. Tell me about yourself?

Answer:– Sir, I’m an Indian Radhika, I have a human resources management degree from Manipal University, and 5 years of reception experience at a hotel in Taaj.

6. What are your weaknesses?

Answer:– Sir, I think I have a weakness that is believing the people very fast, sometimes this mentality has given me a problem, for a while, I can improve myself.

7. What is your typing speed?

Answer:– Sir, at Microsoft office, I am very good and usually type at 65-75 WPM.

8. What is your previous work?

Answer:– I worked at the Taaj hotel sine 2017- 2019 as a hotel receptionist. Now, I have been working at Travelex, a leading travel and tourism agency in India, as a front desk agent.


Answer:– Sir, I’m fresher, but I understand the receptionist position’s duties responsibilities and work. when I get the opportunity in your organization I would utilize my knowledge into the practice.

9. What Makes a Good Receptionist?

Answer:– The successful receptionist works as a valuable resource and the employee has to trust her in some cases. Outstanding management skills, positive and friendly attitudes even in stressful situations make a receptionist’s work perfect in a company.

10. Do you have any experience in the hotel field?

Answer:– Yes, sir, I have 5yrs experienced as a receptionist in Taaj hotel India.

11. A person calls you and asks to speak someone who is not available how do you respond?

Answer:– I’d like to answer like this sir; Mr. Smith is not in office now, he’s gone for a meeting. As soon as he comes back I’d let him know that you had a call. and ask him to call you back. He would able to get you back by the end of the day.

12. What types of software you are familiar with?

Answer:– For more than 5 years, I’ve used Microsoft Office as an inbound receptionist. I’m confident about Google and Windows calendar and mobile massaging software or apps.

13. What is the receptionist’s role in developing the culture of the office?

Answer:– If the customers, visitors, and vendors come to the office, the first contact person is the receptionist, so the receptionist should represent the values and culture of the company.

14. What are the most important skills for a receptionist?

Answer:– These skills are essential for the receptionist position, communication skills the ability to handle stress, problem-solving, teamwork, in addition, dependability, punctuality, and integrity.

15. How do you manage your workload when it’s really busy?

Answer:– Every day I have a plan for work and be highly disciplined for the job If I have the workload I have to do this. I make a plan for work and schedule in advance depending on the urgency of the works. I do this in order to make sure I spend my entire time efficiently.

16. Do you have a multi-line telephone experience?

Answer:– I didn’t have the chance to use a multi-line telephone, but I am sure I could catch on quite quickly. If I am chosen for the role, I am very willing to take training before my start date.


Answer:– Yes, sir I have the experience of handling the multi-line telephone more than 3yrs and a half.

17. Have you applied for any other job opportunities?

Answer:– Sure, I’m actively searching for some different opportunities, because I’m not currently employed. Your company is my number one choice based on the values and diversity of your business.

18. How do you handle the information confidently?

Answer:– I’d make sure the people on my desk can’t easily see confidential information. without approval in advance, I would not provide anybody with personal or private information.

If the requester is insistent, I would try and check if they are authorized to receive the information, but I would not give out the information without this assurance.

19. How do you keep yourself organized?

Answer:– I’m a very organized person, I have a number of systems, such as my schedule which helps me to meet the commitments and do everything every day. I enjoy keeping separate records of the documents so that files are always accessible and never mixed.

20. Why do we hire you?

Answer:– I can show you my organizational skills and the quality of work if you choose me for this position. I love putting out the fire and people’s solution, so I think I’d become a good receptionist for your organization.

In conclusion: For receptionist applicants, these above 20 questions are important to know. I took part in 100 interviews with our clients in specific from the Golf region. They did not ask any additional questions from above, so I am very certain that you would be successful in the receptionist interview after getting answers to the above receptionist interview questions.

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