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security guard CV
Professional resume for professional guard.

There may be three types of candidates looking for a security job in the market.

  1. They may be working as a security guard and looking for an opportunity in a company which is better than the current one.
  2. They are fresher and have a plan to make a career in the security industry.
  3. The previously experienced security guards and want to work in the security industry again.

Any types of candidates you may be, the main goal is to get a job that you have applied for. There are so many tools to help you to grab the opportunity. One of them is the security guard CV or resume.

Nowadays it is not easy to get a job that you are willing to have in any sector. The high competition makes you more difficult for getting the job if you are not professional for that particular position.

The security guards’ recruitment process also similar to the other jobs which run on a three-phase
  1. Job application
  2. Interview and
  3. Selection.

Many people asked me the reason why they did not get an interview call even though they had applied for many companies.

 This kind of situation is very tricky, frustrating and demoralizing because of unsuccessful achievement in each application.

These days the security guard positions also become limited compared to the people looking for a job in the market.

When there are many applications for the position, the interviewer team would only call the selected candidates for the interview. The process is called shortlisting it is the most important for the candidates because it is arranging a meeting between the candidate and the interviewer.

Why you were not shortlisted there could be many reasons. One of the main and important that I am going to discuss is unprofessional security guard CV (Curriculum Vitae). You would learn the tips to write a professional CV or resume in this post.

What is a CV?

CV refers to Curriculum vitae which has relevant information about your academic and professional history. Some people believe that CV is equal to Asian bio-data and American resume. But, there are some fundamental differences among them. Despite that, you can layout your CV to Resume and vice verses. If you want to know more about it click me.

 I know that most of the security companies’ HR department is responsible to hire new staffs for their workforce. A human resource manager is a leader of the interview team.

If you want to work as a security guard to the overseas you may have to compete with 50 candidates for a single position. Therefore, the interviewer selects some of the candidates for the interview based on their CV.

Shortlisting the candidate for an interview though out the CV is the first step any employer takes in the first phase of the recruitment process.

They would not go through every sentence that you have mentioned over there. Not much than 10 seconds scanning your Resume they decide whether you qualify for the position or not.

If your CV does not look sound good they would bounce less than 6 seconds then obviously you don’t have a call for an interview, but the professional security guard CV convinces them to spend more time in it.

How to write a professional CV?

Professional CV means it should be related to the position and structured as simple but more impressive. I would provide you with a security guard sample CV format at the end of this blog.

Before that, read all the guidelines which are extremely helpful to write a professional CV by yourself.

  1. Format your CV

It is a beginning part of the CV writing process where you have to prepare, make a plan and chose the way that you are going to set out your CV. Here is a format which can help you draw a framework to write a killer CV for the security guard job.

  1. On the top of the section write your name, address and contact info.
  2. Career history
  3. Duties
  4. Professional experiences
  5. Professional skills
  6. Personal data
  7. Passport detail (for the overseas job)
  8. Academic qualification
  9. Ratification
  10. Ending section

2. What should include in Security guard’s CV or Resume?

If you are writing a security guard CV don’t include your experience and skill which are not relevant for the position. Keeping unnecessary thing increase your CV length nowadays nobody wants to read a long story.

As much as try to shorten your CV together with the things you have which are associated with a particular security guard job. Suppose you are writing security guard CV just include the training you have done and your experience of the security guard. If you are from the army or police background include those things only.

You have teaching experience is not related to security and safety field so better avoid to include it doesn’t make sense.

  1. Write the key points on the bullet.

Writing important things in bullet list draws the hiring manager attention in your CV because they are so easy to read and give more information.

Breaking down your experience and skills and arranging on-line bullet is another good idea which makes your CV more professionally organized.

  1. Ensure your CV is not messy

If you write anything in a long paragraph it looks messy and decreases the readability speed. Try to read a long paragraph or sentences you may find yourself confusing the same thing would happen to the hiring manager.

The messy writing points out how you are going to write a security report after joining their company.

Security report should be written short and concisely from that point of view, writing a short sentence and short paragraph as possible as is important in the security guard CV. Maintain the proper space between words and sentences makes your CV tidy and neat.

  1. Avoid too many graphics contents in your CV

Always use black text in the CV. Colouring the words and colorful background looks nice but official documents are printed in black. If your CV with graphics contents may be unreadable while prints in black.

 Pick up an appropriate font such as Roman, Ariel caliber light and other simple fonts rather than avoid artistic texts.

  1. Write the date in your qualification and your career history.

I have seen many job seeker they do mistake writing like this;-

  1. 7yrs working experience as a security officer
  2. Graduation from Harvard University.

If you are searching for the security guard job click here

If you refer the specific date for example “working as security officer 2005-2010 in Elite security”.  The hiring manager can judge when you left the job and how much you have still remembered about your previous work and the skills that you had gained.

In addition, it shows you are specific in terms of Date, day and time. In the routine duty, the security officer requires to write various types of the report with exact date and time.

So, writing the date in career history and education section makes sense that you will apply this when you write an incident report after being a security officer.

  1. Main and Subheading plus proofreading.

The main heading in your CV should be bold and few larger size of the text than your paragraph. Bold effect subheading text but same sizes text as a paragraph.

Go through over and over until ensuring there is not any grammatical and spelling error. submitting your CV with a grammatical and spelling error the hiring manager thinks you never check back your work after finishing. So always proofread and fix the errors before giving it final form.

  1. The CV must represent the truth.

The security guards or officers recognize must trusty employees in the organization. In the security industry, if you do a mistake and accept it you can be forgiven but the lie comes with a huge consequence. The security officer should honest, trustworthy and justifiable the action they take.

So, when you writing a CV you have to include the things that you know. Exaggerating something to impress the interviewer is not a good idea because they may find in an interview or later on.

  1.  A photo on the CV.

In the job application form you need attaching a photo but if you put it on CV at the left corner on the line with your name can help the hiring officer to find how you look. submitting Cv with a photo with a pleasant face indicates that you have good customer service skill which is necessary for a security guard.

  1. A professional CV helps you to grab the job.

CV formatting on the professional way literally determines you may get the interview. Impressing the interviewer through your skills experience in the interview help you to land your career in a reputable company.

In conclusion: if you are not good enough to write the résumé ask someone who can help you. Here I have provided the CV sample for the security guard or officer you can copy and edit on the word.

Sample CV.


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