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Job In Dubai- The Dubai job market is not comparative as it was 10yrs back. Nowadays It has been highly competitive and it is more difficult to find opportunities in the UAE. An applicant may contend with more than 25-50 interviewees for an opening.

Moving to Dubai and make a career in the ultra-high city is a dream of young people from developing countries. Many people come here through tourist and visit visa since it is less expensive than coming through manpower agent after having the work visa.

The people on the tourist or visit visa find different than expected after moving to Dubai. In Dubai, It is not easy to look for a job without the help of someone who already has been residing here for a long.

The typical pressure comes on looking for work in Dubai if there is no guarantee for employment when you have a limited time for staying here. Another reason, you might owe money from friend, family, and relatives for coming to Dubai.

The dream of working here appears to be impossible at first, but, it will occur if you pursue some better approach to look for a job. You will feel extremely desperate while not getting the position that fits your abilities and experiences.

Why are you not getting the job some reasons as following?

1. You are not well prepared.
2. lack of sources
3. lack of information about the job market
4. lack of personal network.

The immediate objective of looking for a job is to obtain an interview from an employer company which may lead to getting hired. The long term goal can be varied from person to person. Moreover, let me tell you right now, some tips which work for the job seekers on tourist and visit visa.

What you should prepare before moving to Dubai?

The main thing for your preparation before coming to Dubai is to attest your qualification Documents from the respective government department in your home country.

When I come here I attested my documents from Exam controller office, Ministry of education, and ministry of the foreign affairs. Especially it is necessary for people who come from developing countries.

The companies in Dubai cast doubt on your education qualification either it is genuine or not since there was much fraud in the past.

How to search for a job in Dubai?

Just like other countries in the world, there are two ways to find a job in Dubai.

  1. The Traditional way

The traditional method is to apply for the job after seeing the job ads in media,

A. Look for a job through a newspaper advertisement.

Here are many newspapers with the classifieds job ads you can get information about job vacancies with contact number, office address, and their requirement.

You can buy the newspaper in the market or can access via the internet. I recommend for English reader the following links are English newspaper in the UAE.

B. Look for a job in the online job portal.

It is a less viable technique for the pursuit of employment but there are many online job portals with thousands of job ads in Dubai.

However, it is difficult to find out which one is legit and which one isn’t. The online job websites do not have the physical office in UAE if they cheat the user it is hard to bring then under the authority.

Since many scams happen online I don’t recommend this method. If you are a newcomer in Dubai or looking for a job in Dubai from your home country, avoid using this method

C. Look for a job on the Company website.

Every company has a website with job application tracking systems. Visit the companies’ website go to the career section search for the available jobs. If you find a job in which you’re qualified to apply for that.

D. Work with recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies are associations which help to employers companies to match the employees. In the context of Dubai, there are thousands of recruitment agencies some have bad and some have a good reputation.

Finding the reputed recruitment agencies and work with them It boosts your chance to get hired by prominence companies in Dubai because a good recruitment agency always works for good companies.

Note: -The UAE labor law has defined that it is illegal to charge any fee by a recruitment agency to the job seekers because they get a commission from the employment companies.
E. Approach to the company office and apply for a job.

Most companies’ HR (human resources) department is responsible to recruit the new staffs. When you know the vacancy available in that company you can apply at the office.

It does not matter that you don’t know about any opening in the company. You can submit your CV to the company HR department. In case of their requirements, you can get a call for an interview.

2. Morden Method. 

These above fives are the traditional ways people look for a job in UAE, still, they are popular today. Another one is called the modern method has become more efficient and reliable for the job seeker there are two things included.

A. Personal network

finding a job through a recommendation of friends, family members, and your relatives come into the personal network.

Make friendship with people who work for organizations you’d like to work can assist you in getting information about the vacancy and interview.

It is a very powerful job-hunting method because it connects you with hiring managers through a person who already connected with them.

Contact your friends and ask them for help. In Dubai, most of the vacancies filled with the recommendation of the employees so, why not try it?. Click here if you are looking for the job on visit visa.

B. Your social network.

I don’t believe that there is any job seeker who doesn’t use the social network. The social networks likewise Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitters not only make easy in conversation with friends but also can use them as a tool for your job searching work.

LinkedIn has become a famous job search and job posting tools for job seekers and employment companies as well. The benefits of job search on LinkedIn is to connect with the Job poster and the recruiter who can be interviewer of that position.

Facebook also has developed a simple job board where an employer can post the job and the candidate can apply by sending the CV to the employer through the web. In the future, there may be more option to the job poster on facebook.

Through the social network, you can be friends with the people who are working for companies where you are interested in. They can help you not only pass the information about the opening but also can recommend you to the companies bosses.

In conclusion: You might already know about which method works for you. Using all the tools that I have provided here obviously draws you closer to the success in the job searching process in the United Arab Emirates.

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