UAE visit visa for Indian – the process and cost


There is no exception to the UAE visit visa for Indian because everyone who wishes to obtain a visa must complete the application process.

The majority of UAE residents who have come here for business or to work are of Indian origin.

Indians make up approximately 30% of the UAE’s population and work in a variety of occupations, including laborers, managers, CEOs, and business owners.

If you want to visit your relatives, family members, or friends who live in the UAE, you can apply for a visit visa. The UAE government issues visas to foreign nations in three different ways:

  1. Visa on arrival
  2. eVisa
  3. Visa from UAE diplomatic offices.

As you cannot obtain a visa on arrival as an Indian national, you must obtain it before traveling to Dubai.

Obtaining a tourist or visit visa for the United Arab Emirates is now easier than in the past because sponsorship is no longer required.

The UAE resident, hotel, travel agency, airline, or any other agency could be your visa sponsor. Now, this is no longer a requirement, so you can be your own visa sponsor.

How can Indian passport holders obtain a UAE visit visa?

In addition to the UAE embassy in Delhi, there are two other consulate offices in Mumbai and Kerala.

Depending on which consulate office is closest to you, you can visit their offices with the necessary documentation and apply for a visa.

If you have no ongoing issues in the UAE or the Gulf region, your visa will be issued within 7 consecutive days.

If you are an NRI (Non-Resident Indian), you must apply for a visit visa at the UAE diplomatic office in your current country.

The visa policy for Indians who are citizens of other nations, such as the United States, the European Union, Canada, and Australia, will be determined by their passport rather than their nation of origin.

Document requirements;

  1. passport valid for at least six months with blank pages for a stamp.
  2. Return flight tickets or two-way tickets.
  3. Hold the proof of sufficient fund
  4. Duly filled visa application form.
  5. Other requested documents

What is the Cost of a visit visa for Indians?

  1. A 30-day tourist visa will cost 335 AED
  2. A 90-day visit visa will cost 805 AED
  3. A Visa extension fee 500 AED

If you want to look for a job on a visit visa rather than visiting someone in the UAE, you must have a bachelor of degree from a reputable university in India.

When you meet these requirements, apply for a visit visa for the purpose of job seeking rather than visiting someone.

  1. Bachelor’s degree from an authorized university.
  2. Qualifications and experiences match up to skill numbers 3, 2, and 1 Job.

Even so, many Indians are now in the UAE looking for work in tourism, visiting, and other types of visas.

If you have a visit visa for the purpose of job hunting, the company in the UAE will not hesitate to hire you; therefore, be clear about why you are visiting the UAE, whether to visit your loved ones or to look for work.

Depending on the purpose of your visit to the UAE, you must apply for a visa from your home or current country through the UAE diplomatic office because Other options may not available to Indian nationals.


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