Visit visa for UAE how can you find a job on it?

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Visit Visa allows the relatives, friends and family members of UAE residences to enter the country for visiting purpose.

The companies, travel agencies and other institutions in UAE also provide the visit visa for the person who comes to attend seminar, training, sports event and the festival.

Since UAE implemented a unique system, the visitors can search for the job both on tourist and visit visa but unauthorized to work. So many people prefer to come through a visit visa and later on search for a dream job In UAE.

Why should you come to the UAE on a visit visa?

Coming on a working visa, you may have to pay a huge amount of cash to the agent or manpower agency in your country. But coming through visits visa it costs you less, takes little time and the process is straightforward.

If you are already in the UAE or have a  plan to come here on a visits or tourist visa. I am composing this blog with a few hints which help you to look for a job still you are on visit visa in Dubai.

How is the UAE job market?

Dubai job market has become a highly competitive, reason for that, It’s difficult to get a job because a large number of competitors are searching for opportunity than the available job in the market.

As possible every weekend I visit Bur Dubai and Deira to meet my friends. That time, most likely I get the chance to meet individuals around the globe on visit visa and have accommodated themselves by renting the flats and bed space together.

They are searching for openings throughout the UAE but it is not sure who will be hired and who will return back without getting nothing aside from wasting time and money.

You might have watched videos on YouTube and read the articles with tips to search for a job. Just for some situation, these techniques can work however most of the time it depends on how much you dedicate for the job-hunting process.

People on visit visa desperately look for a job because if they return their country without getting a job it can to cost their time, cash and esteem in the public eye.

What is essential to keep in your mind?

Writing a cover letter with the date of your visa expires and requesting note to the hiring manager to give a chance for employment won’t help you to get a job fast, because no one cares about it.

The hiring manager always busy people and more concern about the company’s business. Nevertheless, they are systematic you may not the only one, they may have much application from the applicants who are a comparable circumstance as you.

You may interest top recruitment agencies in the UAE?
Follow these steps to look for a job in UAE through visit visa.
  1. Be prepared

Good preparation leads to success, that’s why before coming to Dubai the first thing you have to do is an attestation of your documents. Dubai companies don’t believe in your education certificate especially people from developing countries because of many frauds found in the past.

Attest your document from respective government bodies in your home country and ratify from the UAE embassy if it’s possible.

2. Apply job from your country

This is the age of the internet you can reach out someone with a matter of a click. Start to apply for a job online from your country before three months of your planing to come. If any company wants to hire you they can call for an interview then come in visit visa near the time of the interview.

When you applying for a job from your country refer that you are coming to UAE on visit visa. The company may require a candidate in UAE for the interview when you mention you are in UAE at the time of the interview.

The hiring manager can consider your application because they should not need to do anything extra things to take your interview, cause you would available here. You can convey this message via email or incorporating on the CV

3. Compose a professional CV.

This is your first step to searching for a job, your CV should be responsible, professional and evaluated by the expert. Try not to compose a general CV, it is a good idea to get a piece of expert’s advice before making the CV.

Better, set up your cv and cover letter working with a recruitment organization or professional CV writer. Because they have huge experience and knowledge about the keywords which impress the hiring manager.

The main challenge for you to impress the recruitment team by your cv and get a call for an interview.

4. Send out a cover letter with the application.

The cover letter is not a CV because there are fundamental differences between them. The CV is a detailed oriented document and cover letter is a requesting note to the hiring manager to arrange for an interview.

Mention your visit visa status in the cover letter. The hiring manager usually does not see your cv because they may have other works to do.

when you mention in the cover letter. such as your visit visa status, its expiry date and your departure date from UAE,  it can draw their attention to the application.

Mention your contact address in your CV or cover letter. Mention in your CV up to when you are accessible in UAE for the interview. Include your street number, email, telephone number how they contact you even after you return to your home country.

5. Keep hope for future

It is not guaranteed that the companies would hire you in the first place. If they are interested in the future hiring can provide the visa and ticket including the job offer letter.

My friend was an engineering professional he came to Dubai looking for a job we tried very hard to find the job for him. At last all expectation faded away he returned without nothing after spending nearly AED15 thousand started from Nepal to UAE and back to the country.

After 4 months, the construction company in Dubai offered him the job and provided all expenses such as visa, ticket and other governmental fees.  Don’t focus only the opportunity on your hand keep hope for the future?

6. Apply for a specific job.

After completing your CV and Cover letter start sending out to the job opening. But always keep in mind you will get a call for an interview where your skill and experiences match. If you apply for many jobs and do not get a call for an interview your moral will go down.

Avoid applying for the job in which you are obviously not fit. Mention your expected salary in the application which covers your living cost in Dubai. Don’t mention the lower salary than the market because Dubai is an expensive city in the region.

8. Attend a walk-in-interview as much as possible.

Dubai holds many job fairs with the support of numerous national and worldwide companies. Going to such occasions and having an interview with employers help your opportunity to get hired in a brief period.

In the interview, pass information to the hiring manager or team member about your visit visa expiring date. Tell them you have expected a positive response even you are already back to your country let them know there you have provided contact detail on the CV.

9. Send thanking letter.

After finishing your interview send thanking email to the hiring manager. Furthermore, include your contact number in the UAE. As well as your contact address, email and another way they can contact you out when you are in your country.

10. How to manage a desperate situation?

When you are in a frantic state of mind don’t lose your patience. Be sure and think about professionalism at the time you are meeting the hiring manager.

In the interview professionally pass the information that you really need a job because the visa is near expiring. There is nothing too desperate at all, still, you are living the world is no end.

If you are not hired this time you can come again. Everything happens at the right time but you should be systematic to look for the job and application process.

In conclusion: These above tips may help you to search for the job in Dubai. If you hire it is good for you if not everything is not finished you can come again.

There is no official data available how many people come in visit visa for a job in UAE. In my opinion, not everybody able to get hired on a visit visa but 70% might have succeeded.

Not everything that I have expressed here would work for everyone. So, I want to know your experience and knowledge regarding this matter just comment below.

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