Security guard exam model questions

security guard, model questions

 This security guard model questions and answers help you to prepare for the genuine test for the security guard license.

If you want to be a profession in the security industry you may undergo training as the local law obligated. The training hours can be different from country to country but the thing that is taught in the training much similar in the world.

In BSG ( Basic security guard training), the students learn the basic things that require to perform the security job.  The following set of security guard model questions are not useful for one country but also many countries in the world.

It is important for the people those want to be a security guard in any country or anywhere in the world to be familiar with these test questions.

I worked as the trainer in the security industry almost 7yrs. My daily duties were given training to the new staffs and the old staffs who require refreshment training.

These available model questions on our website, have included all the topic that is essential for the security guard.

What are model questions?

The model questions are the collection of possible questions for the exam.  Most of the exam questions come from the old ones, therefore, the model questions here are old questions with a new structure.

 It is very important to know the answers to these questions for the person who wants to be a security guard or officer in any country in the world.

All the model questions are taken from the whole course of a security guard and some of them are previously asked questions.

If you know the answer to the questions that I have provided here, I guarantee you can secure the 95 marks in your licensing exam.

The Security guard model question and answers are as below.


  1. Pretest Questions
  2. Model question set 1
  3. Model question set 2
  4. The Model question set 3
  5. Model question set 4
  6. Model question set 5
  7. The Model question set 6
  8. Model question set 7
  9. Model question set 8


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