Nobody tells reality of security guard jobs in Dubai.


UAE has become a popular destination for job seekers around the world. Many jobs attract global talents, such as engineering, accounting, administration, banking, and finance. One other job category is a security guard. The people who have just passed the intermediate or graduation on the faculty of Arts, Education, and non-technical skills they want to be a security guard in Dubai or UAE. If you are looking for the security guard jobs in Dubai read this post, and decide whether you could be under this situation or not.

Here is in my post, I’d like to reveal what no one has ever told you about security guard jobs in UAE. Although people work in a state of dismay, they never share it, because it is the profession that has to continue for several years.

When you say the bad thing about your profession still you are doing that, People in Asian culture don’t respect you, it could be another reason why security guards in the UAE always keep secret rather than reveal the reality of their job.

When people see the security personnel in duty in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE, they look fantastic, because of authoritative uniforms and perform the nature of works that are not physically hard.

I have written many posts about the private security system in Dubai and UAE. Dubai has SIRA regulation and other emirates have PSBD, PSCOD OR ASSD whatever you want to say is an organization. As the title of this post, I would focus only on the issues for security career, not on the private security guard regulation in UAE. If you want to learn about the individual department and their training follow these links;

The reason you may not like security guard jobs in Dubai;

  1. Training and test;

to be the security guard for the UAE You should undergo training and pass several tests whether it is the ASSD or SIRA.  When you fail after the third attempt, you do not have an option to return home or move to other jobs.

2. Cost for employment;

Although it is illegal to charge any government fees to the employees such as the cost of recruitment, visa documentation, labor card, and medical check-up The Agents in your home country collect a huge amount of money form you and others. According to them, they have to send the money in advance to the employers’ company in the UAE. If you look for a job in the UAE also the security companies ask you to pay all the government processing fees. Only a few companies have followed the labour law. It looks like you need to buy a security job in the UAE job market.

3. Delay in Salary;

Except for the large security companies, smaller firms pay the wage much later than the government deadline. According to the labor law, the employees should be paid not exceeding the 7 of the month. You can find certain companies pay on the 10th/15th, because, they have no money, and wait until they are paid by the clients first.

4. Career Development;

You will not learn more than the security skills, which are not useful in other sectors if you work in the security industries. In addition due to the limited senior ranks, you would not get promotions in a short period. Although you deserve the promotion, other people can promote, because, he is closer to the boss.

5. Provision of the food;

All the security companies do not provide food or any food-related allowances.

6. Accommodation;

Although the company provides the accommodation they are not a stander as the country’s security regulatory. According to the PSBD regulation, 6 people are allowed in a room and should have enough space to keep lockers and their personal properties. You will find that companies have retained the 8 security personal in a room with 4 double-decker beds cause no space to move freely.

7. Everyday 12hrs Duties;

The international stander for the working is 8hrs a day and 48hrs per week but it is the rear case, in the SIRA OR PSCOD guard. You have to work 12 hrs every day, from morning to evening and evening to morning depending on your shift.

8. Very long travel; 

You would find only a few places the company has arranged your accommodation near your work site. For saving the rent money the companies probably search for the cheaper place and it could be far from your duty location. I honestly tell you that Dubai is one of the places where most of the time the traffic congestion happened. So, you have to prepare for your duty before 1 or 2hrs from the actual time of your duty start. You may need to spend 1, 2 and sometimes 3 hrs on the travel to go to duty and come back from the accommodation. You should visit the site to site and wait in the bus for reliving the security guard in the other places.

9. Nobody wants to complain;

The security regulatory authority SIRA or PSCOD will take the action if companies do not meet the regulation stander. However, security personnel does not want to complain even though they have exploited by the company cause it could lead to revoking their job later on and sent back their home country.

10. Need to wait for vacation;

After one or two years of living abroad, everyone wants to see their family members. In the security companies, You will get this opportunity every 2yrs but then you have to wait two to six months in a queue for finalized your vacation. This thing happened in security industries, because, other people may be on vacation you should wait for them until they return and take your duty place. Security companies have no reserve personnel.

11. No cooking facility;

Security guards in UAE earn 2200-3500 AED per month that is not enough, since, it is the most expensive country in the region. If you want to save money You must prepare food for yourself and bring it to your duty place. If your accommodation located in a suburban area in Abu Dhabi and Dubai you may not allow to cook food in. You have to buy from outside and your cost of living will go higher.

 Conclusion: I am not discouraging the people who want to be a security guard in Dubai or in UAE. There are many good things in security guard jobs in Dubai, but The regulatory body needs to deal with the above issues which have been practicing in many security organization in this country. Those are not included in the private security SIRA and PSCOD security regulations.

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  1. Hello Ranga,
    Thank you for your tips and guidance. Have been planning to come to Dubai from Africa for a job opportunity, the travel agent told me he has a security guard job available and I told him I do not mind the job but the money for the whole process is much. Am trying to weigh in my options if the money is worth the process but with your analysis above I don’t think it will be a good step for me to take considering the salary structure and the welfare of security guards in Dubai.
    Thank you once again for your insightful writing.