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emirates gateway security services

Emirates Gateway Security Services is a private security firm headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. International golden group (IGG) is the parent organization of EGSS or Emirates Gateway Security Services.

As IGG is the high-tech defense solution for the UAE ministry of interior and ministry of defense, it has operated various organizations under its umbrella, including Emirate gateway security.

Subsidiaries of IGG

  1. Emirates gateway security services (EGSS)
  2. Integrated service center (ISC)
  3. IGG advanced industries (IGAD)
  4. Boomeranger boat ltd
  5. IGG aselsan integrated system (IAIS)
  6. IGG photonics night vision
  7. Golden marine systems (GMS)
  8. Golden technology solutions (GTS)
  9. Global aerospace logistics (gal)
  10. IGG emirates advanced training LLC
  11. Focus on hunting tools and equipment

In the UAE, IGG has been active in border ranges of defense services, while its subsidiary EGSS provides private security services to governmental and private entities and individuals.

Emirates Gateway Security Services LLC is also licensed by the PSCOD (Private Security Company Business Department) its new name is ASSD.

As regulated by the PSCOD the newly hired security guards must complete basic security guard training at NSI (National Security Institute) and pass the PSCOD exam to get a security guard license.

The security guard must attend refresher training at the National Security Institute every two years in order to continue working as a security guard in Abu Dhabi.

Aside from private security services, IGG is one of the companies that supply the Royal Guard in the United Arab Emirates.

Emirates Gateway contact address;

Prestige Tower 17 – 79th St – Mohamed Bin Zayed City – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates.

How do you join the Emirate gateway security services?

To be a member of Egss, you must pass the interview, which can take place in your home country or in the UAE.

As there is not much information about this organization online, you should contact a friend who works for IGG for the vacancy information. If the recruitment is in your nation, contact the local agent.

How much salary at Emirate gateway?

You would get the salary as defined by the private security regulation or PSCOD. Most of the security guards under the PSBD regulation earn a basic salary of AED 2000 for 8 hrs.

Their monthly payment will be AED 2770 for working 12 hours per day for 26 days and taking 4 days off in a month.

Although it is rare, if you work 12 hours for 30 days, your monthly income could range from AED 3200 to 3400. The security guard’s salary at Gateway security services in the UAE does not vary from this range.

Other benefits;

  1. Every two years 2-month vacation with a full basic salary.
  2. Gratuity is paid upon completion or termination of the company’s contract.
  3. Six days of work and one day of rest per week.
  4. The company provides laundry services to employees.
  5. You may not need to cook food because the company offers a mess in every accommodation.
  6. Since the organization has a large number of clients, you should not need to be concerned about your job security.
  7. It pays salary in time through the banking channel.
  8. The well-managed organization compares to the other security companies.
  9. As the organization has a diversified workforce, there are opportunities to work with people of different nationalities.
  10. This company is famous in Abu Dhabi

The above are the advantages of working as a security guard for gateway security services; nonetheless, there are also disadvantages.

  1. Although there is a mess company will deduct your salary every month mean there is no free food.
  2. In certain places, you must travel for many hours to reach your duty location.
  3. The company is not as widespread in the UAE as G4S and Transguard.
  4. Mid-size organization

Emirates Gateway Security Service is a mid-sized security agency with a favorable overall rating from the employer.

Since the organization is primarily focused on its operations in Abu Dhabi, you may have fewer opportunities to work in other parts of the UAE.

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