uae labour card only this way possible to check

UAE Ministry Of Human Resource and Emiratisation issues million of new work permit each year, in another world, it refers to the UAE labour card. Whether you are receiving a new or renewal, I think it is important to check your labour card status in the UAE, because, it is convenient and straightforward.

Most of the UAE government services are accessible online and free to use. Even checking the UAE labour card status online is much easier than previously. Before, I guide you step by step to check UAE labour card online let me explain very shortly about the labour card in this country.

What is the UAE labour card?

It is a government-issued card or legal documents that allows the cardholder to work in this country without any problem and assert its rights if the employer does not comply with the labour contract.

What is the Dubai labour card?

Dubai government could not issue the labour card independently, because, it is controlled by the federal government. Although Dubai is most famous than UAE you should be clear that, it is not a country rather than a part of the United Arab Emirates.

So, it does not regard either you come to Dubai or any part of the UAE you will use the work-permit from MOHRE that is the ministry of the UAE government.

Why labour card is important for you?

  1. Working without a valid labor card is illegal in the UAE. If you are caught doing so, have to pay the fine including the employer.
  2. You must have a valid labor card to a case against your employer in the UAE labor court.
  3. It is strong legal documents against anyone who tries to exploit you.

What is the difference between labour card and work permits?

In the initial period, the MOHRE allows the employer to hire you. After signing the labor contract between you and employer the MOL (Ministry Of Labour) issue the work permit for processing the visa.

When the UAE immigration issue the visa, you will move to this country. Within the 60days of your arrival, the MOHRE will issue the labour card against the work permit. Another name of the UAE labour card is a work permit.

Is It important UAE labour card check online?

Yes, because, we can not trust the person who is working as the manpower agent even the employer company.

Along with, Dubai became an attraction for employment worldwide. Job fraud is not a new thing for this country.

Therefore, before coming to this country, check online your UAE Labor Card status on the MOHRE to avoid the troble.

How to check your Labour card UAE?

  1. First, visit the ministry of the labour eNetwasal services portal click here

Scroll down and at the left, mid-section of the website, you will find labour card information click on it.UAE-Labour-Card

3. Just like the below picture you have the two options to get labor card information UAE.

  • Check thought the labour card
  • Check through the passport number

If you have already labour card then select “yes” if not select “no” and click the next button you will go to the next page.


Check thought the labour card: When you select the yes, you will redirect to the next page. Make sure, you are on the same page just like the below picture and enter the following detail;

  1. Labour Card No.
  2. Person Code
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Nationality (chose from the dropdown)
  5. Click on the Next button check uae labour card

Check without labour card: If you don’t have the labour card then click no and go to the further process by clicking the next button;


Now you have to provides the data as follows, please make sure all the data should be according to your passport number.

  1. Passport No.
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Mobile No. (You should enter the UAE mobile number, not your home country, can use your friends or anyone number who are in UAE)
  5. Hit the next button the result will display


Conclusion: When you get the result, make sure all the information is correct and another very important is not to try again and again after successfully checking your UAE labor card stats online, because, it is paid services and you need to pay if you want to print the labor card.

How to check your labour contract information?

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