How to get labour contract UAE information online?


As I found many people here, they were happy when they got a job for the UAE and blindly signed a contract of employment without reading it. They remorse when the company exploited them, and their blind eyes opened, they found that unexpected contract had signed. I am writing this post to obtain the labour contract UAE information online.

What is Labour contract UAE?

It is a legally binding document that sings between the employer company and the employee. A company will receive it from the UAE Ministry of labour and the representative of the company will sign one side and an employee sign next to it.

This document is not only the paper but also covers the broader terms and conditions, both employer and the employee should comply with it. The contract consist of various obligation including;

  1. Your salary
  2. Overtime provision
  3. Contract termination condition
  4. Contract period
  5. Vacation
  6. Accommodation
  7. transportation
  8. Health care provision
  9. Contract violation conditions
  10. And more

If you sign a contract, you can not conduct out of it, and if the employer also fails to do so, which is considered a breach of the contract, and any party that violates the contract will face the consequences.

If you think the employer breaches the contract and wants to complain to the Ministry Of Human Resource and Emiratisation (MOHRE) first check your contract what has been signed between you and your employer.

According to the labor law UAE, the employer should translate the contract into the employee national language if he or she doesn’t understand English and Arabic. If it has translated then read it until you clearly understand or if not then ask someone to read for you.

What’s the difference between a labor contract and a labor card in the UAE?

When you sign the contract the MOHRE will issue the labour card that allows you to work with the current employer. If the authority wants to check your work permit you can show them at the workplace.

Only the limited information will find in the labour card, such as the Name of the employer, nature of work, an employee’s name, etc. How to check your labour card click here

The labour contract is the document that contains all the legal obligations for the employee and employer. In another word, The labour contract is mother, and labour card is a son.

How to check your UAE labour contract online?

To check your labor contract UAE, visit the MOHRE website by clicking this link make sure you have landed the right page.

Step 1: Scroll down and find the query option just like the picture below, then click the Labor Card Information button.


Step 2: There is one question “if you have labour card?”. If you have then click “yes” otherwise click “No” and click next.


Last Step: provide detail as I have mentioned below;

Check with labour card provide detail 

  • Labour Card No.
  • Person Code
  • Date of Birth (select from calendar)
  • Nationality (choose from dropdown)


Check without labour card provide detail

  • Passport No.
  • Date of Birth (select from calendar)
  • Nationality (choose from dropdown)
  • Mobile No. (enter UAE mobile number only)


When you provide the complete information then click the next button you will obtain the full contract information that you have signed with the employer.

After you sign the labour contract the employer needs to submit to the ministry it will upload into the database your request will retrieve the labor contract.

My final thought: Checking the labor card and the labour contract uae is a similar process but there you will get the labor card information but here you would find the entire contract.