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Since Qatar police started to hire foreign nationals in their workforce, many people from Asia, Africa, Arabs, and other nations have been searching for an opportunity in various departments of MOI (Ministry OF Interior). The selection process of the Qatar police completes in 3 phases if you want to know more about it click here. In this article, applicants from all over the world who have military and police experience and have been searching for jobs in Qatar Police will benefit from the Qatar Police Interview Questions and their sample answers.

I want to make sure that the interview is not a difficult job if you want to be a Qatari police officer, because the interviewer will ask you only a few questions and you need to answer them confidently.

The Qatar Police interview is not going to be the way of other positions, much like the accountant, engineer, and other skill jobs, where the interviewer drills into you to know you ‘re capable of doing the work.

Qatar police are the part of the MOI (Ministry Of Interior), it is also one of the well equipped and trained police forces in the world. The foreign nationals who have employed as the police officers are hired on a contractual basis. The contract needs to renew every two years, however, it can go for many years since it is the unlimited contract between the MOI and foreign employees.

In the interview , the interviewer focuses more on your English speaking skills and asks most of the questions from your CV or bio-data, so it is important for you to include only details like, courses and information that are true and you have a good knowledge of them.

Qatar police interview questions

1. Tell me about yourself?

When you answer this question, just include your skills and experience, because the interviewer expects that, and they don’t want your personal information.

Sample answer: Thank you Sir My name is Ranga I am from Jaipur India, I have served in the Indian Army for more than 16 years. The various courses I have done as referring to my CV such as Jungle warfare, VIP protection, and counter-insurgency. I also graduated from Manipal University. (For Ex. Army)

Sample answer: Thank you Sir My name is Ranga I am from Jaipur India, I have served in the Indian police for more than 16 years. The various courses I have done as referring to my CV such as investigation, scene security, and commando. I also graduated from Manipal University. (For Ex. police)

Some interviewers ask you a few quick questions instead of “telling me about yourself“.

  • what is your name?
  • where are you from?

2. Why do you want to be Qatar police?

Sample answer: Sir, Qatari police is one of the most advance police forces in the world, I want to be a part of that organization where I will expand my knowledge and develop my skills that are indispensable for police careers.

3. What did you do when you was in Army or police?

When answering this question, you should tell them your regular duties, not all the things you used to have to do.

Sample answer: Sir, I used to accomplish the assigned tasks on daily basis. As an army person, I had to perform the post duty, patrolling, and sometimes conduct a special mission or the operation. (For Ex. Army).

Sample answer: Sir, I used to accomplish the assigned tasks on daily basis. As a police officer, I had to perform the post duty, patrolling, taking the statement of the witness, scene security and traffic control, etc. (For Ex. police).

4. Why do you want to go abroad to work and leave your family behind?

Sample answer: Sir, everything I do is for my family, so, I always consult them if going to do anything new, now I want to go abroad to gain more working experience and learn the different cultures. I know your country is with diverse cultures and nationalities, so, it could be a great place for me to work and learn new things.

5. What is your weakness?

Be careful when answering this question because your response should not have a direct effect on the nature of the police work in Qatar. Just give the negative answer for the other jobs but positive for the police career.

Sample answer: I’ve never been very comfortable with public speaking, realizing this was the problem i have enrolled the public workshop and took the classes now, i have overcome the fear of public speaking.

6. What is your strengths?

Sample answer: Sir, I am trustworthy, hard-working, and willing to work under any circumstances. These strengths brought me the appreciation of the senior officers in my previous job.

7. Why we hire you?

Sample answer: Sir, I am the best candidate for this role.

8. What are the qualities of police officer?

  • Good communication skills
  • Cooperation and conciliation
  • Integrity
  • Mental and Physical fitness

9. What are the responsibilities of police officer?

  • Preserve and protect fife
  • Presence and protect property
  • Inforce of law
  • Investigation

10. What are you going to do when there’s a hostage situation?

Sample answer: As soon as I analyze the situation, I remain calm and respectful, even though the captors use the harass world against me and try to gain cooperation with other captors, be alert.

11. What are you going to do when you arrest somebody?

  • Introduce myself
  • Tell the person you are under arrest.
  • Tell him or her true reason of arrest
  • let them know of forthcoming.

12. When is the incident or crime reported?

Sample answer: Immediately, as soon as possible.

13. How many way police arrest the person?

Sample answer: There are three ways in which the police can arrest the individual;

  • Warrant
  • Observe the Crime
  • Reliable witness

14. Can you arrest your friend and relatives?

Sample answer: Yes, of course, as a police officer, it is my responsibility to make everyone comply with the law, if someone breaks the law even my friends or relatives I must arrest them.

15. Can you tell me the best commander and the worst commander in your previous job?

When you answer this question, don’t blame your commander in your previous job, although someone was really bad with you.In the police and military sector, questioning seniors is not considered a positive thing. So, answer it like this;

Sample answer: Sir, in my previous job all of the commanders were great they always orders us to do the right things, so, i have nothing to say about it.


If you apply for the job in Qatar police, remember the interview is crucial to secure the position that why it is important for you to prepare it. These above sample questions are vital, because, they have been asked in many interviews in the past. Most of the questions the interviewers pick up from your CV or Bio-data, so make the possible question from your CV and practice along with the above Police interview questions

The more you practice the more you can be confident in the interview and when you are confident at work it results the positive.

Good luck

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