How to do your MOHRE enquiry services in the UAE


The full form of the MOHRE is the Ministry Of Human Resource and Emiratization is a government body formerly known as the Ministry of Labour in the UAE. Most of the MOHRE services are available online, therefore, individuals and companies can access the ranges of information through MOHRE enquiry services.

I’d like to provide the different services in this post that MOHRE provides and the idea of searching them on-line.

The UAE Ministry of Labor has made it easier for employers and workers by providing Mohre enquiry services on its website and on its official app for Android and ISO.

The employer may obtain information on the progress of the application for specific services and the employees also can track their application status and the company’s information simply by putting in certain information.

How to conduct the MOHRE inquiry 

First of all, visit the MOHRE official website and look for the services on the mega menu, on the dropdown menu come to the last and click Enquiry Services. or just click this link.

You can now select your required services from the drop-down and provide mandatory information. On the right side click the search icon, if you have entered the correct information definitely you would find the information that you have needed.

List of the Mohre Enquiry services 

  1. Employees certificate verification = enter the transaction number.
  2. Trade license certificate verification = enter the transaction number.
  3. Application status =  enter Application number
  4. Company information = enter company registration number
  5. Company information by license No. = enter company license number.
  6. Mission pre-approved for work permit = enter the company registration number
  7. Bank guarantee detail =  enter the company registration number
  8. Abscond approval = enter the transaction number.
  9. General Directorate And Foreign Affairs establishment link = enter the company registration number
  10. E-Quota status by company number =  enter the company registration number
  11. E-Quota status by transaction number =  enter the transaction number
  12. Pre-approval for a work permit information status for MOI = enter work permit number.
  13. Bank guarantee refund approval receipt =  enter the transaction number
  14. PRO approval receipt = enter the transaction number
  15. Contract registration receipt =  enter the transaction number
  16. License certificate for private employment agency = enter the transaction number
  17. Fine calculator = enter the transaction number
  18. Cancelation transaction enquire = enter the transaction number
  19. Absconding withdraw cancelation documents = enter the transaction number
  20. Electronic work permit information = enter the transaction number
  21. Pending payment = enter company number
  22. Print electronic work permit = Enter Work permit number
  23. Inquiry for job offer = fill the required fields on the new tab.
  24. Domestic worker inquiry = fill the required fields on the new tab.
  25. Print the insurance certificate = Enter Work Permit Number

  Conclusion: MOHRE enquiry or MOI enquiry is similar where the company or the individuals can obtain information about the validity of current documents and the status of the application.

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