How many days are granted as holiday in UAE each year?


UAE is one of the countries in the world that offers limited holidays in comparison to other countries. The country’s labor law has been granted holiday in UAE on a specific day and a month.

Each year, every UAE national and resident has the opportunity to celebrate the holiday in an equal manner regardless of nationality, religion, or gender.

As per the labor law, there is a difference between the holiday, off day, and vacation, which I have broken down as below;

  1. Off day =” Each week, an employee works six days and takes one day off or not working day.” ( It means you’d have four or five days off a month, depending on the days of the month).
  2. Holiday = On important days for the nation, the government offers off-days to employees and enterprises specified in the labor law.
  3. Vacation =Each year, employees are entitled to one month of holiday or every two years, two months of holiday to see and enjoy with family members.

I’m sure you’re already familiar with the off-days, holidays, and vacations in the United Arab Emirates.

You would not work on non-working days or holidays; if organizations require you to perform, they should offer you a substitute day off; otherwise, they should pay you overtime.

If you want to learn how a company should calculate overtime, check this link.

Public Holiday in UAE;

  1. New Year’s Day ( Hejir ) – 1 day.
  2. New Year’s Day ( Gregorian ) – 1 day.
  3. Eid al Fitr – 2days.
  4. Eid al Adha and Arafat Day – 3 days.
  5. Prophet Mohammed Birthday Anniversary – 1 day.
  6. Isra and Mi’raj – 1 day.
  7. National Day – 1 day.

Each year, you would receive ten days’ holiday, but the government may declare a national holiday on rare occasions. Additionally, the state government has the authority to grant the holiday to public members in their jurisdiction.

The majority of enterprises adhere to the country’s labor laws and provide holidays in accordance with the labor code. If an employer breaches or fails to comply with the labor law, an employee has the right to file a complaint with the Ministry Of Human Resource Emiratization (MOHRE).

The above are the public holidays in the UAE for 2021 and subsequent years; employees in all sectors entitles to these holidays.

As per the nature of the business, some companies request the worker to work during the holiday and pay them overtime.

As I have seen in the United Arab Emirates residents need to perform the duty in their off day. The more you work the more you earn.

During the vacation, the company needs to pay the employees basic salary and 2 ways ticket.

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