overtime calculation in Qatar according to Labour law

Overtime calculation in Qatar

Qatar is a country that relies heavily on expatriate workers to drive its economy. Section 35 of Qatari labor law specifies explicitly how companies will measure overtime calculation in Qatar if they ask workers to work additional hours.

Although there are so many outcries about the companies in Qatar do not comply with the Qatari labour law you should know your labour rights when you assert your privilege that is granted by the law there is no doubt of winning.

Qatar labour law overtime calculation

  1. The regular working hours for the employee will not exceed 8 hrs daily and 48 hrs per week.
  2. Normal working hours were reduced from 8 hrs to 6 hours in the month of Ramadan since most of the Muslim communities are fast.
  3. The travel time from accommodation to the workplace and workplace to accommodation does not calculate the overtime.
  4. Upon working 6 days a week, the employer should give the employee 1 day off. Normally on Fridays, but another day is given for workers who work in the shift rotation.
  5.  When the employee works an additional hour than normal hours, the employer must pay OT. It means if you work more than 8 hours a day it takes overtime into account.
  6. When the employee works off-day, he will always pay overtime and not encourage him to work more than 2 days a month. For example; 1 month you will take 4 days off the employer can grant you maximum 2 days overtime not all of the four days.
  7. Any additional working hours on the normal working days you will receive regular pay plus an additional 25% at least for the overtime.
  8. The worker whose overtime fall 9 pm to 6 am shall receive the regular pay plus an additional 50% on their normal wage, however, the worker who works in the shift will not entitle.
  9. The worker who works in off-day will be paid an additional 50% as well as their regular pay.
  10.  Although the law allows an employer to request the employee to do overtime the work should not exceed more than 10hrs a day. Means, maximum OT can perform a day is 2hrs unless the company situation requires to prevent the huge loss or dangerous accident is occurring, or need to fix or repair to reduce the effect.
  11. If the company requests the worker to work in the public holidays he should be paid 50% additional on his regular work wage plus another 1-day rest.

Public holiday in Qatar

  • Al-Fitr Eid (After Ramadan) 3 days
  •  Al-Adha Eid (Pilgrimage period) 3 days
  • Independence day 1 day

The worker does not entitle for overtime

The provision of chapter 40 of the Qatar labor law does not apply the overtime for the profession who are

  • Physician
  • Engineer
  • High administrative position
  • and supervisory positions
  •  Marine ships crews
  • Port workers
  •  other offshore workers

Overtime calculation formula in Qatar

  • basic salary/26/8×OT hrs×1.25 = Overtime amount (on normal working days)
  • The Basic salary/26/8hrs×1.50 = Overtime amount (on Off day)
  • The Basic salary/26/8hrs×1.50 = Overtime amount (from 9 pm to 6 am)
  • Basic salary/26/8hrs×1.50= Overtime amount+ another 1day rest (On public holiday)

Suppose your basic salary is 3000 and you work OT as following

    • 50 hrs OT in normal day
    • 12 hrs OT in off-day
    • 5 hrs OT in public holiday
  • 3000/26/8*50*1.25 = 901 normal day
  • 3000/26/*12*1.5=259.61 off day
  • 3000/26/8*5*1.5=108.17 + 1day off

Now your monthly net salary = Basic salary+OT amount

QR 3000+1268.78= QR 5268.78 +1day off

The Overtime law in the GCC is similar including the UAE but the fact is that how far the country has enforced the law into the labor market.

Conclusion: The overtime calculation in Qatar still depending on the companies, because, some companies calculate: basic salary/30days/8hrs=1hr pay while they suppose to calculate: basic salary/26days/8hrs=1hr pay. So, it is very important for each and everybody to know their labor rights and lodge the complaint if the company does not treat you according to labour law.

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  1. Nice Article I’ll Appreciate you keep it up!
    My Question is that when any person who is leave his/her job march 21st when end of march is his/her last day of completed 5th year job so now there company will be pay his/her gratuity in Dubai | UAE

    • Yes of course, he/she will be entitled for the gratuity. Although government of UAE allows employer to restructure the workers’ salary on mutual consent, because of the pandemic many company have affected. However, it does not impact the end service benefits.

  2. hi sir
    our company mostly all the people are working full day. means morning 8am to next 8p.m. when work is there. we have 24 hours for normal working days. is it correct