Event security companies in Dubai and UAE

event security companies in Dubai

The event security companies in Dubai provides security services for major events or venue at a certain point of time. Dubai is one of the emirates of the UAE also popular for hosting international events.

Several concerts with foreign actors, singers, and other media stars are held every year in the UAE. The significant numbers of the UAE residence participate in those kinds of events which creates a crowd.

Life in Dubai is filled with conferences, sports events, private parties, night clubs, and business events. Such events bring people together and build a crowd that can turn into chaos if not properly managed.

Events venue needs protection against, theft, terrorism, and other illegal activities. The special event security firms in Dubai conduct protectionist work on the site using the man guards and installing security devices.

Duties of the event security guards;

Although the duties of the event security guard may be vary depending on the organizer requirement, in most events you have to do some general duties.

  1. Stationed at the various location to secure the place from the intruders.
  2. check attendees’ tickets or credentials.
  3. search bags or other belongings to prevent prohibited items.
  4. Direct the driver to park in the parking area of the proper palace.
  5. Perform the crowd control tasks
  6. Observe the event’s attendants ensure they comply with the venue rules and regulations.
  7. Supervise the illegal activities and report to the police before it happening.
  8. Patrol the area to identify safety hazards.

The list of event security companies in Dubai.

  Company Name Telephone Fax
1 G4S SECURE SOLUTIONS L.L.C 025544353 025546964
2 CERTIS – LLC 025502801 025574997
3 SECURIGUARD MIDDLE EAST – LLC 026426667 026583366
4 STAR SECURITY SERVICES L.L.C 026675588 026676788
5 SPARK SECURITY SERVICES 026661132 026665625
6 UNITED SECURITY GROUP – LLC 026345311 026345377
7 ALJABER- COIN SECURITY COMPANY – WLL 025535629 025535628
8 ROTANA FOR SECURITY & GUARDING 072337877 072333445
9 AL WATAN SECURITY SERVICES 092249666 092249333
10 EURO GUARD SECURITY SERVICES 04-3338766 04-3338819
12 BLUE DIAMOND SECURITY SERVICES 04-2545445 04-2655033
13 CAPITAL FORCE SECURITY 04-2596568 04-2596569
14 DELTA FORCE SECURITY LLC 04-3362206 04-2282234
15 FIRST SECURITY GROUP LLC 04-43322555 04-3328777

The special event security guards get the company sponsor training from the SIRA in Dubai and PSCOD for other emirates.  The skills that candidates learn in the training are first aid, crowd control, crisis deterrence, and self-defense, etc.

For the armed security guard, it is important to know about the law regarding instruction such as the use of force and firearm skills that must be tested.

Armed special event guards must receive more thorough training, including instruction in laws regarding the use of force, and must be tested in firearm safety skills.

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