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It is the most frustrating part of the job-hunting process that many job-seekers are applying for different positions but are not getting a call for interviews. In today’s competitive world, job-seeking has become the toughest job in a person’s career.

Especially in the case of a new candidate, this situation has arisen several times because many companies love to hire candidates who have skills and experience related to work. I heard the grievance of many candidates, “if, each company hires experienced persons then who would hire a fresher.”?

That happened to me too, every interview the interviewers kept questioning me “how many years experienced did I have?” when I responded no experience. They said the role needed 2-5yrs experienced. 

Today in this post I would explain why the employer did not respond to your online job application? even though you customized your CV as per the job requirement and were confident to get the interview call.

There could be many reasons behind the door why no one is calling you for an interview, but, here are some common causes which end your job application without hearing anything from the side of the employer.

As I have been remaining in the Gulf region for more than 20yrs and working with many recruitment companies I found some crucial reasons why the employer companies ignore the job applications that are from different countries instead of candidates who are already in the country.

Every day I get numerous resumes and CVs from the job applicants but I also do not reply much of them because there is a similar reason why I or the employer companies in Dubai do not reply to your application.

The reasons for not getting the call for interviews from Dubai employers?
  1. You apply for a job in a small company.

If you are not in Dubai you may not know much about the companies. So, you apply as much as jobs that you find in the job portal, right?. Some small companies which run in low profit can not afford the government fee, such as visa processing, labor approval, and ticketing, if, they hire candidate out of the country those above fees should be paid by them.

So, the small company only hires the candidates who are already in the UAE. If you apply from your home country without being Dubai your application will end with no response similar things would happen in other countries too.

How to know a company is small and big?

It is not hard to find about the company size nowadays. We can find about the company online everywhere, either the company mentioned or the company’s review from the ex. and current employees. If you want to know any particular organization size in the Gulf region it is another easy way is analyzing the company name. If the company name come with a “group” for instance “emirates group”, “majid al Futtaim group” and “Aramco group” these are the largest organization.

Only the largest company has multi-division so they create a group with a bunch of organizations. The company such as “emirates auto service” “Madina market” the companies with similar types of the name are the smaller organization. That’s why you should get some information before applying for the job of any company.

2. The company hires only for certain nationalities.

In the UAE or in the gulf region most of the companies run by the expat’ businessmen or women. Depending on their nationality they also love to hire their own national. For example, you apply a company which owner is Philippino but you are Indian they may hire Philippines national rather than you. Not all companies care about nationality but some still require a certain nationality to get a job in their organization.

How could in know?

Before applying the job do a short research about the company online and offline, the offline way is getting information just like from the person who already knows about the company. See the company photo gallery if you find the employees look similar face or nationality, another way go through the employee list in the website. Which nationality are the CEO, directors and other management positions?

If you find the employees are from the same country so avoid job application unless you are from the same country.

3. Applying for the job where expats are not allowed to work.

You are not UAE national or the citizen of the particular gulf country but you applied the government job which is very sensitive likewise military planning and intelligent department, police investigation department, nuclear energy, etc. your job application would not reply.

call for interview jobsThe job which gets access to the country’s safety and security-related information does not allow the foreign national to work. If you apply those types of jobs also there not a call for interviews.

How do you know about the government organization not to hire foreign nationals?

You might be already cleared that you should not apply the position which needs to perform the task relates to the country’s national security and safety. As I know in the gulf country maybe others too, the government does not hire the foreign national if the employees access sensitive national security data.

4. The organization has not got permission to recruit overseas.

Here is the matter to be cleared for you that, the country government issue the individuals’ organization to take permits or license to hire the foreign national. Some company especially the largest organizations they may already have but a smaller company may not get the license.

In another viewpoint, the company which has to evolve the country safety and security matter also have a restriction from the government to hire different nationalities.

Whatever matter it could be? if you apply for a job in these types and sizes of the company you are not getting calls for interviews.

How can we understand this matter?

It is not difficult to figure out the organization because we can find it online visit the company website and read the company history of the employees, do you find the employee from different countries or visit the partnered organizations may be the recruitment agencies out of the country.

5. Your application did not come from the targeted country or nationalities. 

Although any size of the companies publishes the opening online or offline such as national newspapers to reach the possible candidates, they have their own recruitment policy and have a plan from where they would hire a candidate. Some companies recruit candidates who already in-country and some of them have the plan to hire from different countries.

For example; the employer company has targeted candidates from India, but you have applied from Nepal obviously does not sound good for them right? It is another reason most of the applications go to ignorance.

Where to find it?

Some of the job openings come with the nationality of the organization looking for; but, if it is not there, also, don’t worry there are many ways we can find it. Go through the company business model which country nationalities are their customers, for example, Indian hotels excluding star level, love to hire the Indian only because they have to serve the Indian national similarly other countries’ hotels also do the same. You may find the employees from where they are? in about page and team members on the company official website.

6. Your CV did not detect by the applicant tracking system.

This is the modern age, everywhere you are going you would find the people hanging on online. This has been a common matter in each organization ushering their business activities via the web because of the vast majority of the potential customers’ presence over there.

Since the organizations have been going deeper and deeper to make a strong presence from ranking in number one page in the search engine. They have an integrated system to do everything online including their hiring activities of new employees.

As I have found in terms of the UAE, the medium and large sizes of companies depend on the applicant tracking system to recruit the new staff. The application tracking system is a CV or resumes scanning tool which picks the resume or CV that matches the predefined keywords.

When you upload a CV it scans by the system if the document has not incorporated the related keyword that fit for the job or the keywords which are already input by the employer company, your application may not review by the hiring manager. This is the most common reason which makes your application useless and not has a call for interviews.

So, what keywords you need to include in your Resume?

You may get confused after reading the particular reason number 6 of my article. about the keywords that would detect via the auto job application tracking system. I want to make sure that the employer company always inputs the same phrase as the keyword in the system before publishing the opening online.

You should not go too deep analyzing the keywords because you would find all in the job requirements and job performance section of the job post. Read carefully what they need from the candidates and what work you would perform after getting the job. Bring all these things in your resume or CV there is a 100 percent chance to get ranking in the system. Additionally, you may have more chances of receiving a call for interviews.

7.  You do not meet the criteria.

Your skills and experience do not match the ability to perform a job. This is the main reason many employers do not call you for the interview once they find that you don’t have the capabilities to perform work well in the future. 

You are overqualified: The overqualified for the position also hurt your candidacy as much you’re underqualified. Don’t be confused that showing the experiences in many companies also one portion of the overqualification.

If the position requires a high school diploma but you have the qualification of a master’s degree and you are applying this position means you can leave the job anytime from the perspective of the employer.

The employer company wants the employee hanging on their job for many years. Since you have a much higher education qualification comparing the job needed, another thing you have changed the job one company to another company within a short period of time could lead your application aslo not able to get a call for interviews.

What should you do?    

When you applying for the job clearly understand first the job requirement, and, submit the qualification documents not much higher than 1 level, for example, the job requires intermediate and you should submit the graduate degree is ok, not higher than that. Similarly, show the work experience in a few companies at least more than 2-5 years that can make the hiring manager consider your application.

8. Social media presence can impact it.

Today the recruit managers are so smart throughout the changing world. You can select from the automatic application tracking system after customizing the CV to the job requirements. However, the hiring managers always manually review your behavioral activities and make a decision to participate in the interview or not.

An unprofessional social media presence can hurt your candidacy for the position. Since the unexpected rise of social media in today’s society, the people where the internet is allowed could not live without social media such as facebook, Instagram, youtube, twitter, and job searching platforms including LinkedIn and glassdoor.

Those above social media not only become the tool of communication but also giving your own behavioral information to the public.  The hiring manager can check your facebook, Linkedin and Instagram profile to know about your attitude and your hobbies. After a quick glance, they can determine who you are and what can you do for the company.

How can you impress the hiring manager through your profile?

See your social media pages from the employer’s point of view before you apply for another position.  Adjusted your privacy carefully, make everything publicly available appropriately, Updated your  LinkedIn profile so that your qualifications are detailed and displayed.

9. Other candidates better than you.

You may think that you would fit the position but there can be other candidates who are more intelligent, many experiences and more qualified than you. Unfortunately, your application wold keeps aside through the hiring manager.

What is the solution?

In this circumstance, you should take look at your skills and experiences then consider to upgrade your CV and resume to become the more competitive candidate.

10. May be already hired, someone 

Sometimes the company hires someone already. Then, it publishes the opening online or offline to meet the company policy or government policy only. If this already happened so your application would not get a chance to review or able to impress the recruit manager to call for interviews.

What is the solution?

Not a solution.

11. Urgent position.

For the urgent requirement of the company, the hiring manager should conduct the interview quickly and sent candidates for work immediately after the selection process has done. The distance could matter at this time if you have applied the job opening out of the country or from your home country there is less chance for getting the interview call.

So, what to do?

Analyze your own time and availability if there is the remark “urgently needed” or similar phrase then doesn’t apply unless you are already in the country or near to the city.

12. Internal staff may be promoted?

After posting the job on their website, the company management can make the decision to promote someone internally who is a good performer and deserved it. There is no need to call anyone for an interview so your application would not manually review although you were the number 1 possible candidate for that role.

13. The position going to fulfill through recommendation.

Especially in the private sector most of the positions fulfill through the recommendation of company higher positions. Such as director, manager, CEO, and shareholder but the vacancy will be published to accomplish the formality. If there is the case of it your application will not get a response.

14. The job may put on hold.

There is not any obligate each opening should end after selecting the candidates. When the company lost the business or postpending the new business plan can delay or put on hold the job selecting process. So, your job application may not reply in this circumstance.

15. Your mistakes  

A resume or the CV may not enough to represent you as a professional.  A small mistake in grammar and spelling errors consider you are not professional in the task because you didn’t check back your work after doing it. An unprofessionally formatted resume also a reason behind your application did not get feedback from the employer. It is to say that the resume is a document that convinces the employer to your application so, not professional CV not getting a call for interviews.

What should I do after writing the CV?

Use your expertise in writing and communication to describe your job-related experiences. If you don’t know how to write the resume then seek help from the professional CV writer. Proofreading, again and again, can boost your chance to make a professional Resume.

Conclusion: These days it’s a common feeling. You apply for jobs online and you never receive a reply. It almost seems that your CV just vanishes without been seen by an actual person. If you are wondering why you do not get a call for interviews maybe this post helped you to figure out the reason. What do you think about not receiving the call for interviews share with us by commenting below?

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