what is domestic worker in UAE?

what is domestic worker in UAE

what is domestic worker in UAE? A person who works for a private home is known as a domestic worker. Any occupation that directly or indirectly provides services to the employer or his/her family falls under the category of a domestic worker in the UAE.

As stated in the Federal DecreeLaw No 9 of 2022 a domestic worker means ” A natural person who performs a household service for a wage under the direction, supervision, and guidance of his / her employer”

Who are domestic workers in UAE?

According to the UAE domestic worker law of 2017, the following 18 occupations fall under the scope of domestic worker employment.

  1. Housemaid
  2. Sailor/boatman
  3. Guard
  4. Household shepherd
  5. Stableman/groom
  6. Falcon care-taker
  7. Physical labor worker
  8. Housekeeper
  9. Cook
  10. Nanny/babysitter
  11. Farm worker/grower
  12. Gardener
  13. Personal trainer/coach
  14. Personal/private tutor
  15. Personal/private nurse
  16. Personal assistant
  17. Private agricultural engineer
  18. Personal/family driver.

Where do the domestic workers work in UAE?

The domestic worker’s workplace is the permanent or temporary residence of the employer or his/her family, including residential, farmland, and other similar properties owned by the employer.

Who recruits the domestic worker?

Domestic worker recruitment companies licensed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) are responsible for recruiting domestic workers from overseas or in the UAE as requested by employers.

There are three packages that recruitment firms offer to employers in order to hire domestic helpers, and the recruitment terms and conditions will apply once the worker arrives in the UAE and starts working with the employer.

  1. Traditional package: A recruitment agency hires a domestic worker from another country, his or her file is registered with the employer and the worker remains with the employer until the contract is completed.
  2. Temporary package: In this recruiting package, the recruitment agency registers the domestic worker file under its name and sends the worker to the employer, but the domestic worker will return to the company accommodation when their daily duty is over.
  3. Flexible package: Domestic workers in this package are also registered with employment agencies and go to work for the employer only during particular hours or days.

Who can employ domestic helpers in the UAE?

  1. UAE nationals whose monthly income exceeds their basic needs, as well as their ability to meet their legal obligations and domestic worker rights, such as providing an appropriate working environment and proper healthcare.
  2. Residents of the UAE Whose monthly family income, including basic salary and additional allowances, exceeds 25,000dhs.
  3. Residents of the UAE whose household monthly income exceeds 15,000dhs and who have patient-authorized medical coverage.

According to UAE law, employers must provide equal opportunities to domestic workers regardless of country, gender, religion, race, and color.

Although the UAE was one of the countries in the Gulf region where citizens sought to hire domestic workers most, there were several reports of domestic violence against the household workforce.

The new Domestic worker law is now in effect to address disputes between employers, recruitment agencies, and employees.

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