What does ministry of human resources and Emiratisation do?

ministry of human resources and Emiratisation

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) is a federal government agency. It is responsible for regulating the labor market in the United Arab Emirates.

The MOHRE develops human resources in the country and protects the rights of workers and employers.

The Ministry of Labour was renamed the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in 2016, as part of the UAE government’s wider restructuring of government agencies to foster efficiency and effectiveness in the public sector.

The servies Ministry of human resources and Emiratisation provides are?

  1. Enforcing the labor law;

One of the important functions of MOHRE is to develop and enforce labor laws and regulations in the UAE.

The UAE labor law establishes minimum requirements for working conditions, wages, and benefits, as well as regulates recruitment agencies.

The MOHRE guides both employers and employees on their rights and obligations under current law and takes action against those who violate it.

2. Training and educational programs

Another important function of MOHRE is to develop the skills and competencies of the UAE workforce through training and educational programs.

Training and educational programs are critical tools for developing the skills and competencies of the country’s workforce.

As a result, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiritsation has begun many programs aimed at the country’s vibrant workforce, in collaboration with commercial and governmental training institutes.

Since the UAE government prioritizes UAE nationals for employment in the public and private sectors, training programs enhance Emirati employability and boost their participation in the labor force.

The MOHRE expert team collaborates closely with public and private sector organizations to identify skill gaps and build training programs that fit the current needs of companies and job seekers.

3. Employment Services

Along with training and education, MOHRE provides employment services to both job seekers and employers in the country.

It offers Job-matching services via a virtual job search portal. Another function of the Ministry of Human Resources is to provide career advice to job seekers and support employers in recruiting new employees and retaining the old ones.

MOHRE also issues work permits and labor cards for foreign workers that allow them to work legally in the UAE.

4. Protecting the labor rights

MOHRE works as a balance between employers and employees, it protects the rights of the worker in the UAE and also protects companies if workers breach labor contracts.

The following steps will be done to preserve the rights of employees in the country.

  • enforcing labor laws and regulations,
  • ensuring safe working conditions,
  • and protecting workers from exploitation or abuse.

MOHRE has developed a hotline, official app, and website where workers can contact or report if they believe their rights are being abused.

5. Research and analysis of the UAE labor market

MOHRE invested time and resources in researching UAE job markets in order to make policy development and decision-making easier for the UAE government. How does it function

  • It tracks labor market trends
  • and collects data on labor market supply and demand.

MOHRE identifies opportunities for job creation and economic growth in the country. Based on its research it develops policies and initiatives to help employers and job seekers.

Overall, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation plays a crucial role in shaping the UAE labor market and ensuring that it is fair, competitive, and sustainable.

MOHRE works to balance the needs of employers and workers and to promote economic growth while protecting the rights of all those who participate in the labor market.

Through its programs and services, MOHRE helps to build a strong, skilled, and diverse workforce that can support the continued growth and development of the UAE.

Other functions of the Ministry of Labour in UAE. 

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