UAE visa validity

First-time visa holders to the United Arab Emirates are concerned about the UAE visa’s validity. Especially in developing countries, the agent frequently mistreats the people. If you are coming to UAE, you should conduct a UAE visa validity check Online before you share your happiness with friends, family members, and relatives.

Why I am saying this?

Look, the manpower agencies are not honest, I saw people on cleaner visas, but agents said: “they’re stocker or factory workers”. It is illegal to have one type of visa and work permit but perform different types of jobs.

If you are newcomers you require to check your visa online before coming to this country, similarly, UAE residents also do a UAE visa status check while the renewal application has been submitted.

How can you check your visa status for UAE?

The UAE government allowed the users to check their UAE visa validity online on the GDRFA (General Directorate Of Residency and Foreign Affair) website since 2011. That service is still available if you want to try to click here.

The GDRFA website is somewhat difficult because it needs more information for checking the UAE visa status including entry permit number, visa application number, etc.

Look, Here is the point, many people don’t know the visa application or entry permit number, because, they apply through a manpower agency or agent.

Even though you are a UAE resident, not every time you are carrying your passport with you. The Emirates ID works everything it allows you to move freely all over the United Arab Emirates.

When Smart Dubai or Smart UAE initiative developed all the government systems were upgraded. Now you compare the UAE government websites with other countries maybe these websites are 5yrs ahead of other governments in the world.

You don’t have the visa copy but you know your passport number and expiry date you can check the visa status online.

After changing the system the federal identity and citizenship (ICA) website also integrate the UAE immigration database to provide visa status online to the UAE visa holder.

Now you can check your visa on the GDRFA, ednrd Dubai, and ICA websites. Not only you can check your Dubai or UAE visa online but you also can track your visa processing status.

Since the UAE government launched the smart government services most of the services are online. Anyone can access gov. services on electronic gadgets such as smart mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

If you want to check your visa validity for the UAE you need to know only two things, your passport number, and its expiry date.

How to check visa status in UAE?

  •  Click this link –
  • Make sure you are landed on the federal identity and citizenship website.
  •  Select the ‘Passport Information’ and
  • Select either ‘residency’ or ‘visa’.check-visa-status-uae
  • Enter passport number and passport expiry date.
  • Select your nationality from the drop-down menuvisa-status-uae
  •  captcha checkbox
  • Click on the search.
  • Dubai-visa-status
    Dubai visa status
  • You will get the visa status for UAE.

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