UAE visa checking

UAE visa status – The UAE government issues various types of visa for the foreign national to allow travel, enter and work in the country.

UAE visa issuance depends on the relation between the UAE government and the government of the applicant’s nationality. Government of UAE has signed the different kinds of visa treaty with different counties.

The reason for that, some countries national do not require prior visa approval they can get the visa stamping on the arrival to Dubai or other international airports in UAE. If your government does not have a visa waiver agreement with the UAE government must obtain the visa before you step in the country.

The issuance of the UAE visa determines by many factors such as the nationality, the purpose of visit and duration of your stay. Anyway, the visa regulation for a particular country can change from time to time. So, do not rely on complete precision of this post.

To know the UAE visa policy for your country and the latest updated list of the nations whose citizens get the visa on arrival. You can check out the Ministry of foreign affair website.

In another way, an individual can check the visa policy.
  1. through Local Airline.
  2. UAE regional embassy or
  3. Consulate office in Your country.
Who does not require the visa for UAE?
The citizen of GCC country can entry UAE without the visa only requires to produce the GCC country passport or ID card at the point of entry in the UAE.
  • Citizens or the passport holder of EU states listed below do not require the prior visa approval can get it at the entry point such as at the airport and port in the UAE. 
1. Sweden 2. Austria 3. Malta
4.The Netherlands 5. Portugal 6. Norway
7. Germany 8. Switzerland 9. Hungary
10. Italy 11.  France 12. Denmark
13.Spain 14. Greece 15. Estonia
16.Luxembourg 17.  Belgium 18. Finland
19. Slovenia 20.  Romania 21. Bulgari
22. Czech 23.  Liechtenstein 24.  Latvia
25. Poland 26. Lithuania 27. Slovakia
28. Croatia 29. Iceland 30. Cyprus

After having the visa they are allowed to remain the country till 90dys to 180dys in any case.

  • Citizens of the States listed below are exempted from UAE Entry Visa Requirements or they also get the visa on arrival.
1.United States of America 2. Australia 3. New Zealand 4. United Kingdom
5. Monaco 6. Singapore 7. Malaysia 8. Brunei
9. San Marino 10. Canada 11. Japan 12. Korea
13. Vatican 14. Andorra 15. Hong  Kong 16. China
After having the visa they are allowed to remain the country maximum period of 30 days.

Either you apply for the visa or already received on your hand, it is important to check visa application and issuance status online or offline. I think the tutorial that is provided here should be enough to make you able for checking visa status online.

It is very easy to check your UAE Visa Status online on the eDNRD portal in Dubai. You can check over there as following.

  1. Entry permits validity
  2. Residency validity
  3. eDNRD application
  4.  eForm application
  5. Residency application status

How to check visa?

  1. You have to fill the following detail  on the eDNRD portal form
  2. English first name
  3.  Application Number
  4.  Gender
  5. Date of birth
  6. Nationality

Click here to check your visa status online you would redirect to the immigration portal then first select the services.

Just like the above picture enter the following detail which all are mandatory.

  • Entry Permit No. ( Entry permit number you can find on your passport where is visa stamped)
  • Enter your name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Select Nationality
  • Enter the captcha image.
  • submit
  • the result will displays

Check your Korean visa

This above is the short tutorial to check the UAE visa online. I have proved it by checking my own visa and helping the other people for checking their visa. If you have any question or facing any issue on checking process don’t forget to comment below or write us an email.


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