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For the past 20 years, Dubai has transformed itself from a desert city to a modern one, the growth of this city has come from the boom of construction in the United Arab Emirates. Private investors have invested in residential buildings, parks, and entertainment facilities since the Dubai government began investing in the development of highways, bridges, and other public infrastructures. There are many national and international construction companies in Dubai.

I have selected only 10 out of 1000 construction companies in UAE, these are the leading and largest civil engineering organization in the gulf region.

Whether you have just finished your studies or working in the construction sector and looking for opportunities in the best construction companies in Dubai this post will help you to understand that.

Top Construction companies in Dubai

  1. ALEC Engineering and Contracting;

The company was founded in 1999 and is an award-winning multinational construction and civil engineering company headquartered in Dubai.  It has delivered several projects including airports, hotels, retail, residential, commercial, and themed park projects.

The company provides the highest level of safety and well-being for employees regardless of differences in positions, culture, gender, and religion.

  1. CSCEC Middle East LLC

Chinese State Construction and Engineering Corporation Ltd. It is the parent company of this organization. The company founded its branch in Dubai in 2003 and has developed several projects across the gulf region. It is also the largest international construction firm in the UAE.

The company has provided the stander accommodation to the junior level its employees. Talented and highly professional individuals in civil engineering can secure the opportunity.

  1. Arabtec Group;

It is the third-largest civil engineering company in the United Arab Emirates. The company has a number of subsidiaries, including Arabtec Construction, Target Engineering Construction, EFECO, Arabtec Engineering Services, and the Austrian Arabian Ready Mix.

In particular, the company has made an effective and substantial contribution to social and economic infrastructures.

The company considers the employees are highly precious for business growth, so, if you find the opportunity in this company I suggest you join.

4. ASGC Construction;

Established in 1989, the company has a record of successfully delivering multiple projects to clients across the United Arab Emirates. The company headquarters is located in Dubai, where it designs, plans, and operates residential, commercial, retail, industrial, social infrastructure, education, hospitality, and health care projects.

  1. TAV Group;

It is one of Turkey’s multinational aviation infrastructure construction company and is headquartered in Dubai. The organization has constructed the most important airport in the Gulf region, including;

Ataturk Airport (Turkey), Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Airport (Saudi Arabia), Hamad Airport (Qatar), Midfield Terminal Building (UAE).

Being the leading construction company in the Gulf region, it offers employees an opportunity to improve their skills and productivity.

  1. Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC)

It is one of the oldest construction companies in the Gulf region, established in 1952. Consolidated Contractors Company or CCC offers the most important services in the field of construction. Examples include; construction management, detailed engineering, procurement and accelerated facility management, operation and maintenance services.

The company offers competitive salaries and other allowances for employees.

  1. Arabian Construction Company

The company was established as a construction company in 1967. Although there was no thriving market for real estate developers in the Gulf region it started the business. When construction boomed especially in Dubai, the company was awarded a contract to complete the most complex and prestigious projects.

When we talk about the company portfolio, it has completed all types of construction, such as buildings, infrastructure, and construction of oil & gas and industrial plants; value engineering; and procurement and installation of industrial equipment, etc.

In addition to an enormous opportunity for career development, it also offers lucrative compensation packages for employees.

  1. Khansaheb Civil Engineering

It is a subsidiary of the Khansahed Group, a leading multi-service provider in different segments. The company has a high record for construction, facility management, interior design, road & infrastructure development in the UAE.

The company is well a managed organization and offers the utmost care for the employees.

  1. BAM International;

It is a multinational company based in the Netherlands and has a regional headquarters in the United Arab Emirates. In specific, the company is developing marine construction, infrastructure, and contractions.

The portfolio of the company is to develop government entities, industrial infrastructure, mining & minerals, oil & gas, ports & terminals, and property & building design.

  1. Six Construct;

It is one of the sister companies of the BESIX Group and was established in 1990. Not only is it the largest construction company in the UAE, but also in the Gulf region. The company has completed the most iconic projects, such as Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world.

Six constructs specialize in commercial & residential buildings, sports & leisure facilities, and marine projects. The company provides a great work environment and career development opportunities for employees.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a job in construction companies in Dubai, these companies are the best organizations to start your career. There are several departments within the company, therefore, you have more chances for career growth. Although most of the construction companies in UAE pay a low salary to the ground workers, these companies pay better.

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