BLACKLIST IN UAE you can check only one way.


Blacklist in UAE means to restrict someone from entering the country. The UAE government has granted authority to the immigration department for issuing and rejecting the visa for the individuals who wish to enter this country for any purpose.

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People can blacklist who resided in the UAE and went back home after committing a crime. In certain circumstances, people can blacklist even though they did not come to the country before.

UAE immigration gathers the personal information of the visitors, expat workers and own citizens. The information such as personal detail, fingertips, eyes retina and palm scan for biometric authentication.

The reason for doing this is to keep the information in the government system. Which enable the official to track the person’s past activities in future, if he or she involves in any illegal works.

You might see the immigration officers are busy checking the people’s eyes retina in UAE airports. The reason for that is to ensure the blacklisted people do not enter the country again.

If your detail match with storage data in the system, the process will end with either one of the following consequences.

  1. Deport your home country from the airport.
  2. Apprehend and send you to the jail.
The reason for blacklist in UAE.

The main reason blacklist for UAE is to violate the current law of the countries. The UAE law has defined the various types of violations but here are some commons that someone occurs mistakenly or deliberately.

  1.  Violation of the labour law and working illegally in the country.
  2. Committing the crime in the court and deported from UAE.
  3. Unsettlement of the bank loan, credit card due and owing to the company.
  4. Have a criminal record in GCC countries.
  5. Deported from GCC country after committing the crime.
  6. An International criminal and the Interpol is looking for you.
  7. The person who is controversial about Islam.
  8. Your country and UAE government have not diplomatic relation.
  9. People from the war-torn country and seeking refugee after entering the country.
  10.  Detected the transmittable disease in the medical report.
How to check blacklist in UAE?

Although most of the UAE government services are handy and easily accessible through the internet. There is not any website or services provider who gives you the information on the based of your online queries for this matter.

Despite the fact, there are some ways that you can use for checking your blacklist status offline in UAE.

  1. Get information from the immigration office.

You can go to any immigration office with your passport copy and request them about your status of blacklist for UAE. If you have any case, it sends you to the custody, therefore, it is not recommended for the people who have any severe case in the country.

If you have any unsettle financial dues and wish to resolve them in future or have the contravention charge and wish to pay the fine. You believe these things may impose the travel restriction against you, go ahead this is the easiest way that to apply.

2. Send the UAE residence to the immigration office.

You are already in your country and applied for the visa but rejected. That can be the reason of blacklist for UAE. If so, you can send your friend or relative with your passport copy. But they should be in the UAE to make inquire either you are on it or not.

3. Hire a lawyer or law agency.

Instead of going yourself or send your friend, it can be better to consult with the law agency because they get much information from the immigration office. In addition, they help you to remove the blacklist if applicable. This way is reliable and most efficient but can cost a handful of cash.

4. Apply for the police clearance certificate.

This is the online way for the residents of the UAE. Any police stations in the country issue the police clearance certificate against UAE residence. Now your turn applies for clearance to the UAE police. It can be done on the UAE police website or you can use UAE police application on your android and iso phone.

All the above options are the ways to check your blacklist for UAE. If you are looking for the best way possible, then number three is appropriate. The law agency can send a legal representative to submit the official inquires about your status. Hence, why not try it? even costs the amount of money.

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