skill level 5 jobs in the United Arab Emirates.

skill level 5 jobs

Only the low-level of the work and low paid employees hold the skill level 5 jobs in the United Arab Emirates.

According to the ministry of human resource and Emiratisation, the works which do not require any special skills and experiences are into the skill level 5 jobs. The employees who are physically and mentally fit can accomplish the tasks easily, without any formal training

The Jobs description starts with the domestic worker to the assistance mechanics and the selection process is an interview where ask only a few easy questions.

The skill level 5 jobs are also handled by Asian national just like the jobs of skill level 4. In the UAE, there is a huge demand for unskilled workers who come in skill level 5.

If you have not schooled or don’t speak English also don’t worry, because, the employment company can hire you for these positions evaluating your body structure rather than your skill.

Comparatively, the skill level 5 workers get fast on the visa approval than the other level of the jobs in the UAE. The work permit fee also relatively lower than the other level jobholders.

When I talk salary for skill level 5 employees is very low that’s the reason most of the companies provides accommodation to the employees who work on this skill level.

Just go through the following list to know which job titles come in the skill level 5 jobs.
  1. Domestic Cleaner
  2. Domestic Helper
  3. Hospital Cleaner
  4. Hotel Cleaner
  5. Office Cleaner
  6. General Cleaner
  7. Launderer
  8. Hand Presser
  9. Vehicle Cleaner
  10. Window Cleaner
  11. Tile Polisher
  12. Sewerage Cleaner
  13. Livestock Farm Labourer
  14. Farm Labourer
  15. Garden Labourer
  16. Forestry Labourer
  17. Fishery Labourer
  18. Mining Labourer
  19. Civil Engineer Labourer
  20. Road Maintenance Labourer
  21. Crane Operator Assistant
  22. Bricklayer Assistant
  23. Building Labourer
  24. Demolition Labourer
  25. Electrician Assistant
  26. Plumber Assistant
  27. Painter Assistant
  28. Tile Layer Assistant
  29. Packer
  30. Factory Hand
  31. Freight Handler
  32. Stevedore
  33. Stock Filler
  34. Arabic Coffee Maker
  35. Fast Food Maker
  36. Beverage Maker
  37. Kitchen Helper
  38. Restaurant Assistant
  39. Shoe Polisher
  40. Street Vendor
  41. Refuse Collector
  42. Scrap Merchant
  43. Street Sweeper
  44. Porter
  45. Messenger
  46. Meter Reader
  47. Air Conditioning Assistant
  48. Vehicles Mechanic Assistant
  49. Elevator Operator

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