Skill level 2 jobs in the United Arab Emirates

skill level 2 jobs

In my previous post, I provided you the list of the professional job titles who come into the skill level 1. In this post, you would know the professional who falls into skill level 2 jobs.

The employees holding a job of skill level 2 requires academic qualification or equivalent training to apply for a position. If you have not submitted the education and experiences certificate there is a low chance to get the work permit for a skill level 2 jobs in the UAE.

The first step to applying for skill level 2 jobs is to document verification for the expats’ workers. Education documents need to verify in your home country and in the UAE.

The relevant education department of your country would verify your certificates such as a transcript, provisional and character certificate etc. The second stage of verification will be done from your country embassy in Abu Dhabi.

Most of the companies have a representative to do the employees’  paperwork in an organization, he or she is responsible to verify your education documents from the consular office in the UAE.

However, if you are on the visitor or tourist visa and looking for a job, you should do everything yourself. The company representative is only doing the document verification for the employees who are selected in their home country and has entered on a work visa.

For example;

if you are from Nepal you have to attest the education documents from the ministry of education, ministry of foreign affair and exam controller office. The verified certificates should clarify from the Nepal embassy in the United Arab Emirates.

The individuals with ungenuine documents 100% reject for clarification and under some circumstances, it can lead to the prison. So, it is always the best idea and important things to possess a genuine certificate with you.

When you meet the above criteria then only you can apply for and get a work permit for the skill level 2 jobs.

Skill level 2 jobs description;
  1. Telecommunication Line Installer
  2. Bricklayer
  3. Plate Printing Maker
  4. Livestock and Dairy Farmer
  5. Shepherd
  6. Crop and Animal Farmer
  7. Makeup Artist
  8. Masseur
  9. Supermarket Supervisor
  10. Follow Accounting Clerk
  11. Auditing Clerk
  12. Brokerage Clerk
  13. Up Clerk
  14. Real Estate Property Manager
  15. Electrical Engineer Technician
  16. Electronics Engineering Technician
  17. Mechanical Engineering Technician
  18. Industrial Maintenance Supervisor
  19. Chemical Engineering Technician
  20. Mining Technician
  21. Mechanical Draftsperson
  22. Electrical Draftsperson
  23. Electronic Draftsperson
  24. Architecture Draftsperson
  25. Fire Investigator
  26. Quarry Supervisor
  27. Manufacturing Supervisor
  28. Construction Supervisor
  29. Life Science Technician
  30. Agricultural Technician
  31. Forestry Technician
  32. Ship Engineer
  33. Ship Captain
  34. Deck Officer
  35. Aircraft Pilot
  36. Aircraft Test Pilot
  37. Flight Instructor
  38. Helicopter Pilot
  39. Air Traffic Safety Electronics Technician
  40. Medical Imaging Technician
  41. Medical Laboratory Technician
  42. Occupational Health and Safety Inspector
  43. Stock Broker
  44. Foreign Currency Trader
  45. Credit Officer
  46. Bookkeeper
  47. Financial Officer
  48. Statistical Assistant
  49. Property Appraiser
  50. Purchasing Representative
  51. Purchasing Supervisor
  52. Commodity Broker
  53. Shipping Agent
  54. Cargo Supervisor
  55. Customs Clearance Agent
  56. Freight Forwarder
  57. Exhibition Designer
  58. Conference Supervisor
  59. Event Planner
  60. Real Estate Agent
  61. Auctioneer
  62. Office Supervisor
  63. Data Processing Supervisor
  64. Administrative Supervisor
  65. Government Licensing Official
  66. Disabled Care Specialist
  67. Private Coach
  68. Interior Designer
  69. Head Chef
  70. Sous Chef
  71. ICT Operations Technician
  72. ICT User Support Technician
  73. Computer Network and Systems Technician
  74. Web Technician
  75. Sound Technician
  76. Telecommunications Engineering Technician

All the above-listed job titles are as per the ministry of the human resource and Emiratisation, the government department of the United Arab Emirates. If you want to know even higher position which brings much salary and responsibilities just click on Skill level 1 job.  

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