security jobs in dubai with free visa and ticket

security jobs in dubai with free visa and ticket

Dubai is one of the cities in the Gulf region that has implemented the professional private security system, also known as the SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Authority). For the security guard jobs in Dubai, the agent may ask you for a substantial sum of money, however, in this article, I will cover security jobs in Daubai with free visa and ticket.

Although SIRA is the governing authority for private security companies and security professionals, it does not interfere with security guard employment.

You can work as a security guard with a SIRA-issued license in Dubai if you pass the evaluation test after completing a week of the course. If you need guidance with SIRA training, click here.

Who can apply for security guard jobs in Dubai?

Since UAE nationals do not prefer to work in the private security industries, all posts have been filled by foreign nationals.

Security firms in Dubai hire Indian, Nepalese, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Philippines, African nationals, and other gulf country people as security guards.

Whether you are in UAE or your home country you should work with a recruitment agency or an agent because you may not have a direct connection with the organizations.

As security corporations may not post their openings online or offline in the same way that other companies do, without middlemen or agencies, you may get the information about the vacancies.

Is it possible for security jobs in Dubai with free visa and ticket?

The labor law of the United Arab Emirates applies to the hiring of security staff, the issuance of labor cards, and the arbitration of disputes between the company and security personnel.

The law stipulates that all employment-related expenses, including government fees for a visa, labor card, work permit, and residency card, must be covered by the employer, not the employees.

In terms of employment, the company cannot charge the employees any fees. The employer must arrange everything, excluding the plane ticket and the agent’s fees if recruitment is taking place in another country.

As far as I know, security companies in the UAE should cover all the recruitment cost meaning security jobs in Dubai with free visa and ticket is possible.

In practice, there is nothing like the labor law. The agents in the UAE or your home country demand a large sum of money for the name visa, labor card, and residency. Security guard jobs in Dubai are not free, and they cost several dollars in reality.

Some good companies do not charge their employees anything. The employer covers everything, including agency fees in your country or the UAE.

If you live in the UAE, try to find a security guard job through a relative, family member, or friend. When you know there is an opening, contact the security company directly rather than follow the agent or recruitment agency.

If you come directly rather than through an agent, you may not have to pay, and if you do, it will be less expensive than going through an agency.

Conclusion: For security jobs in Dubai with a free visa and ticket you should apply to the best security company in UAE. Try to find a job on your own or seek assistance from friends and family members.

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