Retired Visa Uae: Expectations vs. Reality

Retired Visa Uae

The new degree announced by the UAE government’s cabinet meeting chaired by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid would allow foreign nationals to continue their residency visas after they retire from their employer.

The UAE government was considering issuing retirement visas to foreign nationals, but the cabinet had not given consent, despite the fact that it was on the table for debate.

In 2018, the UAE government announced the granting of retirement visas to foreign citizens who match specific conditions; nonetheless, the issuance of residency visas to retiree workers is the first time the UAE government has taken such a step.

In the UAE, the age restriction for workers in both the public and commercial sectors is 60 years.

There was one issue that needed to address.

If you stay in the UAE for a long period of time while you are already 60 years old, and the employer would terminate the contract, it is logical because the law states that any UAE national or foreigner who reaches the age of 60 automatically retires.

The newspapers reported many heartbreaking stories about people who had spent 30 to 35 years making the UAE their second home and had returned to their home country, leaving behind their family members in the UAE.

There was no legal provision specifying which types of visas would be available to a person who retired from an employment visa. As a result, they needed to return to their home nation at the age of over 60.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, posted a tweet on his account announcing the revision of the UAE’s visa law for foreign nationals who have retired or will retire in the future.

According to the new law, retirees may remain in the UAE after retirement if they meet the following conditions:

Criteria for Retired Visa UAE

  1. Holding a single or many properties worth Dhs1 million or
  2. a bank deposit of no less than Dhs1m, or
  3. an active income of no less than Dhs180,000 per annum.

If you meet one of the above criteria can apply for a residency visa for retirees to the immigration department will issues after evaluating your application.

The provision of the Retired Visa UAE is the most popular move announced by the UAE government since it will offer delight to those who have been living in this country for many years with their family members and are nearing retirement due to their age.

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