How to check your job offer letter UAE online?

offer letter UAE

Job offer letter is used to formally offer a position to the candidate and contains essential details, including starting date, role, compensation, and hours of work. Job offer letter UAE is very important to the candidate because, without it, a work visa and work permit do not issue by UAE Immigration and MOHRE respectively.

In the United Arab Emirates, companies or government agencies can send a job offer letter to the candidates who have been selected via an interview. The company can draft the whole job offer letter on its own but should fall into stander job offer letter format in UAE that requires from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.

There are several complaints from job-seekers in the UAE, especially those searching for opportunities from another country, getting a false job offer letter, and a labor contract.

So now the MOL (Ministry of Labor) has made it mandatory for the employer business to upload the job offer letter to the Ministry website from where you can search it online.

It is really important for any job seeker to confirm their job offer letter UAE validity, before, trusting in someone who has given you a opportunity via an online application.

Job offer letter UAE check online;

Step 1: Visit the MOHRE website and on the mega menu go over the services and from the drop-down menu click on inquiry services or click this direct link.


Step 2: Select enquiry for job offer, you would redirect the new then enter the following detail.

  • Transaction Number
  • Company Number
  • From Date (choose from the calendar) 
  • To Date (choose from the calendar) 
  • Permit Type ( leave all work permits)


If you think that any of the information you entered is erroneous, you can clear it by pressing the clear button.

When you input all the correct information, then press the submit button, the result will show as a matter of a second.

If the result does not show, that means, the job offer letter is not legitimate, then don’t give the scammy employer any money.

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