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korean visa status

Korean visa status– The Korean government issues various types of visa for the people who enter their country and its citizen who travel out of the nation. If you are coming to Korea, all the visa process go through the Korean diplomatic mission in your country. When you get a visa on your hand it is important to check Korean visa status online for identifying its authenticity.

You can get eVisa through online if you have a special qualification with an expert profession, but the people who are coming on working visa such as general labour have to pursue the way of the Korean embassy in your home country.

The Republic of Korea is a country which emerged from the ash of the war. After the state of war, it had been rapidly reconstructing and developing, that is the reason, now it is the second developed country in Asia after Japan.

South Korea is one of the countries which attracts more than ten million international travellers every year from around the world.

It has become a popular destination for the migrant workers from developing countries such as  Nepal, Myanmar, Philippines, and Indonesia as well as some of the western nationals.

The workers who want to get a work permit to South Korea must learn the Korean language and have to pass the EPS-TOPIK test.

EPS is a Korean language checking process which conducts by the Korean Ministry of employment and labour of South Korea.

Why the EPS is very important for you? 

EPS test is very important for the workers who come to work in construction, manufacturing and agriculture sector. The reason is that most of the Korean national do not speak English besides, the young generation and academic level.

The Korean government made language proficiency necessary for the people who come to work low level of a job to avoid the linguistic barrier after coming to this country.

How to apply visa for Korea?

  1. e Visa application via the visa portal
  2. Visa application via Korean diplomatic mission abroad.
  3. confirmation of visa issuance via the visa portal.
  4. confirmation of visa issuance via the korean immigration.

After applying the visa for South Korea, it is important for you to check the application status online. It is a handy process. Within a few minutes, you can track your visa and visa issuance confirmation.

How to check visa application status?

There are two ways you can get information about the visa application

  1. You can track your visa application status by contacting the Korean diplomatic office where you had applied.
  2. you can check your visa status on the Korean visa portal site, It provides information about your visa issuance, rejection and on the process.

To check your Korean visa Visit http://visa.go.kr and go through the following guidelines. When you visit the visa portal choose your preferred language either English or Korean.

Step 1:  Application Status.

This option is available at the left sidebar of the website click on it and goes to the next page.

korean visa online check

Step 2: application status and print.

On the drop-down, you would find application status and print click on it.


Step 3: decide which way you want to check

If you know one, three of these, you can check your visa status online.

  1. Application number.
  2. Receipt number
  3. Passport number
Step 4:- Input data

Select one of the visa application types and enter your passport number or receipt number or application number along with your full English name and date of birth.

Step:- 5 Hit the search

Fill the requirements field then click on the search button the result would pup up on a printable format.

These above simple five steps make you able to find your visa status online for Korea. If you get any issue for checking your visa with my tips please comment below I am ready to help you.

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