How to check Malaysia student visa online?

malaysia student visa

As the Malaysian government’s desire to attract international students, the Malaysian student visa application process has become simple and likely to reward applicants without much restriction.

  1. Through online
  2. At the Malaysian embassy in your home country.

When you get a student visa I think it is important to check online to identify the visa validity. and to ensure that nobody scammed you on that process.

The quality of education does matter for every parent in the world. That’s the reason they are willing to pay a high fee for children’s education in their county. Furthermore, they send them abroad to study despite holding the financial debt on their shoulders.

The primary destination for international students are the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe but it’s difficult to afford their education if they don’t get part-time work or are not allowed to do so.

Every year millions of students migrate to the second country to seek higher and quality education. Only the people who call rich in developing countries can send their children to western countries.

The low-income family also can give equal quality education to their children without sending the most advanced and expensive cities in the world. Even though there are a lot of selective nations but nobody knows and no one has researched about it.

If you want to get the international level of education at a minimal cost for your university study obviously, you would love to Malaysia.

What do students love in Malaysia?

The study in Malaysia is fun you will enjoy Asian culture which brings you an exciting study experience in your life. Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia’s most dynamic economies and the second most developed country after Singapore.

Malaysia is wealthy in agricultural resources in this way, you can discover healthy food is less expensive and plentiful. the average cost for basic items in Malaysia is low even though stander living life.

There are hundreds of national and international, public and private universities providing quality education to national and international students. What university meets your further education that is your own choice.

Why Study in Malaysia 
There may be many reasons to choose a Malaysian university for your study but here are some worth noting points as follows:
  • Quality of Education
  • Affordable tuition fee
  • Reasonable cost of living
  • Self and Stable environment
  • Moderate Muslim community
How to apply for a Malaysia student visa?

I already told you there are two ways to apply for a Malaysian student visa. Either one you choose it up to you but I know most students applies through online.

If you want to apply for the Malaysia student visa online just visit the education Malaysia global services website. On the left top corner of the web page, you would find the “Apply for student visa online” create an account for login purposes.

That website gives you enough information to apply for the Malaysia student visa, and choose the study program and university which runs your choice course.

malaysia visa

Just like the picture above, in the “what do you want to study” section, first choose the level of study, specialization, type of institution, and search.

After then you would get the list of the universities and go to the university website and apply from there if the university offers you the opportunity then come back again EMGS website then apply for the Student Visa.

The documents required for the Malaysian student visa.

If your university applies for the visa they would ask you for the required documents otherwise you should upload the following documents on the EMGS website.

  • Passport size photo.
  • Scanned passport copy.
  • Offer letter from the university.
  • Your academic certificates and transcripts
  • Pre-arrival Medical Examination Report
  • No-Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Letter Of Eligibility (LOE)
  • The English language Required

All the courses provided by the university in Malaysia are conducted in the English language So, so you need to show your English language competency is good enough to fully participate in the course you are going to apply for.

Just regarding the language you must have an acceptable level of English language proficiency and upload the certificate part of the application. The English language tests which are accepted  for students pass the application as follows:

PTE - Academic (Pearson Test of English),
IELTS (International English Language Testing System),
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language),
CAE (Cambridge English: Advanced),
CPE (Cambridge English: Proficiency), and
MUET (Malaysian University English Test)

After finishing your online visa application it is essential to track it online regularly because you can resubmit the document if they are not accepted by Malaysian immigration.

Now let’s learn how to check Malaysian student visas online. Just like before visit the Education Malaysia global services website. On the left top corner click on “the track my application” enter your passport number and nationality and subsequently check “I confirm that I have read the box.

Malaysia student visa

At last click on the “track my application button,” it takes a few seconds to show the result.

Final thought:-

Malaysia is not a bad country for students. Even though ex-pats are always concerned about their safety when we talk about Malaysia. It is not like whatever we think and has heard.

Malaysian universities provide the best education to students who look for a world-class education at a minimum cost. Not only local universities are here but also international universities from western countries existed.

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