Basic Police training in Qatar police training institute.

Qatar Police Training Institute

Qatar Police have diversified its workforce by recruiting uniformed officers from other nations. You can find Qatar police officers, particularly those of lower rank coming from various nationalities, including Asian, African, and other Arab countries. In this blog, I’d like to explain what is taught in Basic Police Training at Qatar Police Training Institute.

Qatar police recruit veteran army or police officers from other countries and send them to Qatar police training center for refresher training. The training will last for four months, and the applicant will be assigned a post duties after completing the training.

If you are searching for opportunities in the Qatar Police Force, it is very important for you to know if you meet the requirements. Click here to learn more.

The interview is very crucial for the candidate selection, so, you should be well prepared before attending the interview. Here are some important interview questions and answers.

The candidate will learn the following things in the Qatar police training institute.

The Basic Police course has included the fundamental principle and procedures, in addition, challenging physical fitness training.

  1.  Techniques of law enforcement
  2. Information on the Civil, Criminal, and Shariah Law
  3. Patrol Procedures
  4. Cultural Diversity
  5. Investigative Procedures
  6. Report Writing
  7. Defensive Tactics
  8. Firearms operation
  9. Leadership
  10. Ethics
  11. Community Policing
  12. Police Vehicle Operations
  13. Traffic Enforcement
  14. Accident Investigation
  15. Handling Emotional Situations
  16. First Aid/CPR.

The Qatar Police have run many cadres’ training centers for junior officers, while the Qatar Police College is for senior positions. There are several ranks in the police department, each position requires specific training for the candidate to get promoted.

Qatar police ranks;

  1. Lance Corporal
  2. Corporal
  3. Sergent
  4. Staff Sergeant
  5. Warrant officer class 2
  6. Warrant officer class 1
  7. 2nd Lieutenant
  8. 1st Lieutenant
  9. Captain
  10. Major
  11. Lieutenant Colonel
  12. Colonel
  13. Brigadier General
  14. Major General
  15. Lieutenant General.

What should you  do during Qatar police training?

After completing the training, some of the trainees can assign commanding roles. Only the candidate who obtains higher scores in a series of tests that are taken during the training will reward this opportunity.

So, you should focus on the skills and procedures that you have learned in the training and be prepared for the test prior to attaining.

The candidate who takes the commanding roles will get a higher salary compared to the others who assign for the constable role. The training determines your roles and earning, therefore, focus on it, if , you have selected as a police trainee for Qatar.

 What types of roles, Qatar police assigned for foreigners?

The foreign nationals who recruit as the Qatar police uniform officer will deploy mainly for the post guarding duty, however, they can go with local police officer for the specific mission. Here are the some important duties and responsiblities of Qatar police in the counry.

  1. Protect public and propertis by dettering the crime aginst them.
  2. Enforce the law and hold the violators responsible.
  3. Arresting the criminal
  4. Conduct intial Investigation.
  5. Follow rules, guidelines and protocols.
  6. Gather information by patrolling the area of dominance.
  7. Write the daily duty report along with incident report.
  8. Cordinate with other emergency services.
  9. Provide the evidents in the court hearing
  10. Detect and respond the various emergency situations.

Conclusion: The principles and procedures, you would learn in the four month training  in qatar police training institute. Do not carry out any restricted activities during your training because it will backfire your career. Focus on training and strive to learn more that will benefit you in the tests. Dream to be the leader after completing the training that holds your moral high.

Remaining cooperative, supportive and leadersipness impresses the instructors that you are the right choice for potential  higher positions.

Best Of Luck

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