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Most of the gulf countries have governed by the Kings, and the largest company is also owned by royal family members since they are inherently involved in the most prominent business. The Armed Security Guards also hire by the largest companies and the richest persons in the gulf region.

As Gulf countries have diversified the economies from oil dependence to industrialization and service, the economic activities have thrived, but now most of the business has been affected due to the global pandemic.

Despite the current situation, corporate companies have not suffered much, so the demand of the armed security guards in the Middle East has not been proportionately impacted like other sectors where many workers have already lost their jobs.

What is the scope of the Armed guard jobs in the Gulf region?

As I said before, the corporate companies and richest persons including the royal elite love to hire the armed guards to protect themselves and their properties.

There is remarkable growth in the demand of the armed guard services because every year new royal family members do establish separately and the new multinational businesses also open their regional headquarters in GCC especially in Dubai.

Government agencies, on the other hand, are also expanding their service centers in order to provide public services quickly and successfully.

Armed guard working area.

  1. Provide close protection services to the VIP, VVIP including the royal elite.
  2. Post guarding at military installations and bases.
  3. Guarding duty at foreign military bases including the United States.
  4. Post Guarding in the police stations
  5. Prison guard (Jail guard)
  6. Border guard
  7. Government entities and critical infrastructure
  8. Protection of Companies’ CEO and executives
  9. Protection of foreign diplomatic offices such as consular and embassies.
  10. Private industries, which are very sensitive to security perspectives. 

Qualification and requirements; 

  1. High school or school leaving passed 
  2. Age limit: 22 to 35yrs 
  3. hight: 5.7 feet 
  4. Strong physical build 
  5. EX. Army or police 
  6. Ability to operate the small arms.
  7. police clearance certificate.

Salary of the armed security guards in the Gulf region;

  1. Low salary : $816
  2. Medium : $1361
  3. High: $1700

How to apply for Armed guard jobs in the Middle east?

If you are in the Gulf region, you can apply online on the company website, but most of the time the companies hire candidates from other countries and the recruitment process will complete in three phases.

  1. Physical test
  2. Interview
  3. Medical test
Physical test:

In the defined timeline, candidates need to pass a short and a long running. Sit-up, push-up and jumping are the others physical test that the candidate need to complete.


It is a very important part of the selection process of the armed guard in the gulf region. The interviewer may ask only a few questions to evaluate your language skill. If you could speak in English and Arabic, there is no doubt that they will select you.

Medical test:

The candidates who pass the physical and interview need to undergo the medical test where you should not be a patient of the contagious diseases.

Cost for recruitment

Most of the gulf countries have labor law, and they do not allow any fees or charges to impose for individuals on the name of visa processing and on employment, but there is a concern about how much the companies have complied with. If you pass all the selection process, the agent in your country will ask you for a large sum of money to process your visa, and they will also say that the money would go to the employee organization.

Training for the armed guard

When you join the Armed Guard Forces in the Middle East, you need to go to training for about a month to learn some basic protection skills and operation of the weapon. It depends on the country because some nations the security companies train their staff and other countries’ by governmental institutions.

Licensing for the armed guard.

When you complete the training, the country security regulator authority would take the exam, theoretical and practical for weapon handling. The individuals who pass both tests would receive the license to carry the weapon while on duty and a security card that permits them to perform the security task in the country.


Armed Security guards’ job in the Gulf region is one of the best careers for people who have military and police backgrounds. As we compare with the other general security guards professional armed security guards profession brings higher salaries across the pan Arabic region.

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