Bodyguard jobs in dubai, salaries, and duties.


The UAE is one of the countries where most of the richest people in the Gulf region have lived in. VIP, VVIP, like the royal family members and the wealthiest individuals they need the protection of their life and properties, therefore there is steady growth on the demand for Bodyguard jobs in Dubai. 

Some security firms in UAE offer close protection services to those in need. In this post, I will explain the close protection of jobs in Dubai, service providers, and the salaries of professionals.

Close Protection Jobs Dubai

Although several private security firms claim to provide close protection or bodyguard services, in fact, there are only a handful of companies operating this kind of business.

Most of the royal security guard and bodyguard companies have established by the royal family members and the veteran officers of the UAE armed forces. The companies have worked in a joint venture with a multinational security firm to provide the most effective services in the UAE.

Who needs a personal bodyguard in Dubai?

The people who are more concerned about their safety and the safety of family members hire the personal bodyguard with a private security firm on a contractual basis and some companies also provide the close protection services to the companies’ executives and CEOs.

In the UAE the following types of people usually need bodyguards. 

  1. Royal family members
  2. Companies CEO and other executives.
  3. Wealthies person inherited
  4. VIP and VIP visited from foreign countries.

Bodyguard jobs in Dubai salary; 

  • The bodyguard staff in Dubai normally earn AED 3000 to AED 5000 and the average salary is AED 3700 per month.
  • On the other hand, the bodyguard staff working in Abu Dhabi as the Royal Security Guard are earning more than the counterpart working in Dubai.
  • The royal security bodyguard in UAE earns AED 4000 to AED 6000 and the average salary is AED. 4500.

What are the duties of the bodyguards?

The person who works as a bodyguard is responsible for protecting the person who needs to be protected from any kind of threat.

Although the bodyguard in Dubai works differently, the recruitment process is similar to that of the general security officers. Generally, the bodyguard companies hire the staff from a different country and they also give the chance to the candidate who have being staying and working in Dubai with other security organization.

The following companies that hire the foreign national as bodyguards in Dubai; 

There could be many companies across the UAE but here are the two most popular companies for the foreign national and these companies frequently hiring from other countries.

  1. Abu Dubai Royal Security Guard LLC (Abu Dhabi)
  2. Forces security services (Dubai)

The requirement for the bodyguard jobs in Dubai

  1. Ex. Army and a police
  2. Intermediate pass
  3. 5.7 feet hight
  4. VIP or VVIP Protection is a plus point.
  5. The black belt on Marshall art plus point.
  6. English language fluency

Despite this, if you are active and have a strong body structure, you can work for the bodyguard in the UAE.

Although there is two security system in the United Arab Emirates PSBD and the SIRA, bodyguards professional do not require to have training from any of them.

Another key point, for the bodyguard candidate in the UAE, is the experience in the relevant field. The candidate who has experienced more than 2yrs on the close protection services have more chance of selecting this role.

In summary;

Security jobs in the UAE or Dubai have been very challenging at the present time, because, security professionals need to learn more skills before they start their duties. If you want to get the bodyguards jobs in Dubai then be in contact with your friends and family members who are working in that field because they can provide you the information about the opening.

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