Al Jaber Security in UAE, All you need to know about.


Al Jaber Security is a privately-held security firm located in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates and it has offices in other territories including, Dubai, and the northern Emirates.

The company is also known as al Jaber coin security since it is a subsidiary of the Al Jaber Group and was founded by the merger of the coin security company and the Al Jabar group.

If you are looking for information about this company, you have come to the right place because I will reveal everything I know about it.

There is no website for Al Jaber Security on the internet, as it is a subsidiary of the Al Jaber Group, which has a corporate website.

Al Jaber is a diverse group of companies that operates in the UAE as well as the Gulf region, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman.

On the other hand, it is a leading outsourcing firm in the UAE that has been involved in a variety of operations including :

  1. Trading
  2. Middle-East Equipment and trading
  3.  Aluminum extrusions
  4. Protective and Security services
  5. Gulf Filter factories
  6. Steel production
  7. Granite and marbles
  8. Al Jaber lighting
  9. Glass plant
  10. Land system etc.

Let us now discuss the al Jaber coin security. The company has obtained permits to provide man guarding services under the PSBD and SIRA regulations. As security officers, it has employed over ten thousand foreign nationals in diverse roles.

The company provides the following services;

  1. Manned Guarding
  2. CCTV Operation
  3. Patrolling and Lock Down
  4. Escort Services
  5. Access Control Management
  6. Parking Control
  7. Key Management
  8. First Aid & Accidents
  9. Event and VIP Security
  10. Visitor Management
  11. Lost & Found Property
  12. Incidents and Emergency Management

If you want to work as a security guard for this organization, you should be aware of the hiring process. When the company requires new employees, it recruits from the UAE as well as other nations such as India, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, and African countries.

The selection procedure is an interview in which you will be asked few questions and must provide a satisfactory response to the interviewers. Here are some common interview questions for the security guard.

How to Find a Job at Al Jabar Security?

The candidates already in the United Arab Emirates can get information about the opening through the online job portal as well as people who have been already working in the organization.

You can apply for the role by visiting the company’s nearest office; most applications are accepted in the Dubai and Abu Dhabi branches.

If you are in your country, you must work with the recruitment agents that set up interviews and collect applications on behalf of Al Jaber Coin Security.

AL Jaber Security Company’s Salary;

As previously stated, the company provides the salary as defined by the PSBD and SIRA regulations; the salary varies depending on the territory you work in; security employees under the SIRA regulations earn less than PSBD guards.

Conclusion: It is one of the leading security companies in the United Arab Emirates especially in the PSCOD regulation.  Although the company is not as large as G4S or Transguard, it is rapidly growing.

Every business has its advantages and disadvantages, and this is no exception. Conduct additional research before choosing an organization for a long-term career.

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