Workers in Sharjah are given three days off each week.

weekend in Sharjah

Sharjah became one of the first emirates in the UAE to grant government employees three days off, every week. The federal government increased public worker benefits when it amended the UAE’s labor law. As a result, the majority of the government’s office hours and workdays have been rescheduled.

Sharjah government employees will work from Monday to Thursday and their holiday is from Friday to Sunday. The UAE cabinet meeting decided to provide public servants two and a half days off every week because they would work a half-day on Friday.

While the other six emirates in the UAE followed the UAE government’s holiday guidelines and rearranged their work schedules under the new law, Sharjah went a step further and provided three days off, whilst the other emirates offered two and a half days.

Sharjah has adjusted the 3 days off by increasing work hours, so employees will now work from 7.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m., which is 60 to 90 minutes longer than they do currently.

The UAE government announced the last week about the government sector employees weekend which will come into effect from Feb 2, 2022.

This new revision will apply to government offices, but there is room for the private sector, which means that the government has given the decision authority to the private sector employer and employees, who can decide on work hours and weekends when signing the contract.

The school in the UAE will remain close fully Saturday and Sunday while on Friday they will open till noon.

The banking industry has already welcomed the federal government’s decision to declare a holiday, and most banks have already shown cooperation by adjusting their work hours and days.

Along with Sharjah government employees, some of the leading private sector firms have already indicated their support for the new system.

According to the expert, these vacation rules will have an impact on the private sector; otherwise, private sector jobs will diminish. 

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