True review of Arkan security jobs in Dubai


Arkan Security management is a private security firm based in Dubai and it has operated under the SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Authority) licensed. It is a subsidiary of the Ejadah company which is a pioneer in real estate asset management. If you’re looking for Arkan Security Jobs in Dubai, read this post, you might understand the full face of this organization.

It is not a large private security organization but a mid-size company that provides the SIRA security personnel in Dubai. The company has more than 5000 security personnel working in various sites and ranks.

Like the other security companies, Arkan also provides the protection of people, properties, and information.

Arkan security services;

  1. Security Consultancy Solutions
    • Security Master Planning
    •  Risk Assessments
    • Security Gap Analysis and Treatment Plans
    • Security Design, Engineering, and Physical Hardening
    • Mechanical Locking and Key Management Design
    • Project Management and Acceptance Testing
    • Security Management Plans
    • Security Maintenance Plans
  2. building and community security services; 
      • Reception & Visitor Management
      • Access Control
      • Lifeguarding
      • Patrolling
      • Command & Control Center Operations
      • Security System Installation & Operations
      • Event Security
  3. Car Parking and Traffic Management;
    • Traffic Management
    • Parking Management
    • Valet Services
    • Play Zone Management

 Benefits of working with Arkar Security Company.

  1. The salary: The company pays your salary in time and it is stander as per the SIRA regulation. Arkan security guard salary is not different than other private security companies but depends on the overtime you have done. AED 2265 is the average salary of the Arkan security guard.
  2. Accommodation and transportation: company provides the accommodation and transportation without any charges. Arkan Security Camp is one of the best accommodations designed to meet the basic needs of employees. The sites are not too far from the accommodation, therefore, you would not spend a long time during shift relief.
  3. Various work experience: The Company has different sites with different nature of the business, so, you may assign duty to different places. Ejadah managing 132 million square feet of real estate assets most of them are global iconic landmarks. Arkan does not require the other clients to supply the security personnel because its parent company Ejadah has many properties across the United Arab Emirates.
  4. Professional workmate: All the security personnel are trained, professional, and know their responsibilities. So, if you are new you would get the chance to work with these guys and learn security skills.
  5. Management: The Company is well run. Vacations and emergency leaves are granted. The management listens to complaints from the workers. The company is able to protect its employees at a time when they are facing problems.

Disadvantages arkan security Dubai jobs

  1. 12 hours of duties only two hours break in the whole shift. Most of the worksite needs to perform the standing duty. It can be difficult in the summer if you are working outside of the building.
  2. Some employees are complaining about this company. Delay on emergency leave and vacation.
  3. Some people in higher positions are not good with junior’s employees. Although the company has a code of conduct for every employee, you would find some bad apples.

This is one of the good security companies under the SIRA regulation Dubai. The company has business operations in Dubai and when you hire by this company you would only work in Dubai. Enjadah also has properties in Abu Dhabi if you are deployed there you need to get a license from the PSCOD.


If you want to be a security guard in Dubai and looking for a good company Arkan can be the best choice. I personally recommend this organization to the security guard candidates despite some drawbacks.

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