Transguard group salary in United Arab Emirates.

salary in transguard group

Transguard Group is a leading security services provider in the Middle East. With more than 65,000 full-time employees the company has diversified its business in various sectors.

It is also one of the main providers of business support services, such as cash management, security systems, training, event management, and airport services across the country.

The company was founded in 2001 as a security service provider in the UAE and now it has become number 1 in the UAE security industry. Not only it provides cash in transit services to the corporate level of companies but it also has operated the regional largest cash management facility in the Dubai Freezone area.

Though it is famous to provide security services, the Transguard Group has diversified its businesses in six core sectors.

  • Facilities Management
  • Cash Services
  • Security Services
  • HR outsourcing services
  • Workforce Solutions

Despite this, the company loves to hire the Emirates still the majority of the employees’ ranks have been occupied by foreigners.

Being the greatest company in this country the company has focused on the welfare of its employees. For instance, trains guard has operated own hospital clinic to treat their employees possibly free of cost or at a minimal cost.

In this post, I would discuss the Transguard group salary in the United Arab Emirates for the Asian nations, because, the Asians get less salary to compare to the counterpart from Arab and western countries.

The salary data that we have received from the recruitment agencies referring their demand letter and agreement with the agent company.

Transguard group salary
Position Basic Salary working working 
Waiter 1200dhs 8hrs 26dys
Security guard 1200dhs 8hrs 26dys
Housekeeper 900dhs 8hrs 26dys
Cleaner 900dhs 8hrs 26dys
Aircraft cleaner 950dhs 8hrs 26dys
Aviation loader 1050dhs 8hrs 26dys
Laborer 1000dhs 8hrs 26dys


The above table mentioned the basic salary for the position for working 8hrs in a day and 26days in the month.

The overtime and other facility depending on the company requirement and law of the organization.

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