Architectural professional salary in the the UAE

Architectural professional salary

Architectural professionals job is to design buildings and space within the site and the surrounding area. Those buildings may have already humans usage or on planning for construction even if under construction for the principle of human use. The architectural professional salary in UAE is different from company to company.

Scope and Architectural professional salary in the UAE.

As we talk about Dubai development in recent years the credit goes to the various sectors for contributing to expanding the UAE economy. Since the UAE has been achieving the ascending trend on GDP (gross domestic product) in economic growth.

There is the ambition to build world-class even modern skyscraper among the private and government companies in the UAE.

Therefore, a huge demand for skilled professionals has unchanged to plan, design and review the structure that both meets of the requirement of clients and customers.

If you are looking for the job in the architectural sector in UAE, before jump into the interview it is important to know the salary of the market.

From this post, you would get information about your average salary which would be going to pay from your potential employer.

The data are provided here collected from several surveys conducted by recruitment agencies and interviewed with individual working on a related field in UAE.

The range of salary can be different than provided here because it depends on nationality, company profit, education, and experience but these are the average salaries most of the employees earn in the UAE.

The company provides additional benefits to the employee such as housing, transportation, insurance, communication, and other compensations are not included in these figures.

1. 3D Visualizer

Entry-level = AED 5000

Mid-Career = AED 7000

Experienced = AED 10000

2. Architect

Entry-level = AED 75000

Mid-career = AED 10000

Experienced = AED 19500

3. Architectural Draftsman

Entry-level = AED 4000

Mid-career = AED 6600

Experienced = AED 8200

4. Architectural Engineer

Entry-level = AED 8500

Mid-career = AED 12000

Experienced = AED 20000

5. Design Architect

Entry-level = AED 7500

Mid-career = AED 11000

Experienced = AED 19600

6. Draughtsman

Entry-level = AED 4500

Mid-career = AED 6500

Experienced = AED 8000

7. Interior Architect

Entry-level = AED 9500

Mid-career = AED 13400

Experienced = AED 18500

8. Interior Designer

Entry-level = AED 7900

Mid-career = AED 12000

Experienced = AED 15500

9. Junior Architect

Entry-level = AED 5500

Mid-career = AED 6500

Experienced = AED 8000

10. Project Architect

Entry-level = AED 8300

Mid-career = AED 15600

Experienced = AED 20000

11. Senior Architect

Entry-level = AED 15800

Mid-career = AED 23000

Experienced = AED 30000

12. Senior Draftsman

Entry-level = AED 7500

Mid-career = AED 10000

Experienced = AED 13500

13. Site Architect

Entry-level = AED 13000

Mid-career = AED 18000

Experienced = AED 25000

14. Structural Draftsman

Entry-level = AED 8300

Mid-career = AED 15200

Experienced = AED 19980

Although the above salary data are not exact for an architrure professionals for all companies in the UAE. The monthly salary falls between the minimum to the maximum range. since the data provided above-named is the average earning of the professional in this sector.

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