Sick leave uae, everbody should know about this.


Most of the labor-related cases in the United Arab Emirates are governed by Federal Law No 8, For 1980, on the Regulation of Labor Relations. As per the UAE labour law, an employee has the right to take sick leave UAE if he or she is unable to perform duty due to the illness.

UAE Labour law sick leave Provision;

Article 82: stated that a worker who has fallen ill should report to the employer within 2 days and the employer is responsible for taking him to the hospital or medical institution to identify his illness.

Articles 83: has clarified the circumstances under which the employees will entitle sick leave-in UAE and not. Here are some important points every employee in the UAE must know to assert their Labour right against the ill-intended employers.

  • You will not entitle to the sick leave under the probation period.
  • The probation period will be six months from the date you joined the company.
  • The employees are entitled to sick leave not more than 90 days annually.
    1. The first 15 days: with full pay.
    2.  The next 30 days: with half pay.
    3. Any subsequent periods: without pay.
    4. Sick leave will go up to 90 days not more than that.

Articles 84: Employees will not pay salary under the following conditions

  1. The wage will not pay if the illness is a direct result of worker misconduct including;
    • Fall sick causes of alcohol
    • Become sick due to the consumption of narcotic drugs, etc.

Articles 85: terminations of contract from the employer;

  1. If you are unable to report back to work after your leave under articles 82,83 and 84 of the labor law, the employer may terminate your contract. I would like to explain here that you took 90 days sick leave did not return to work because of the illness. Under this circumstance, your employer has the right to terminate of contract.
  2. In this case, the employer has to pay the severance or end service benefit in accordance with the Labour law.

Articles 86: Contract termination from the employee

  1. If the employee resigned before the 45 days of the illness the doctor should provide the medical cause an employer should accept it. The worker will entitle the wage due in respect of the remainder of the first 45 days referred to.

How does the UAE Labour law sick leave practices in the industries?

If the employees become ill, they call a supervisor or line manager to inform their condition. It is up to the company to send staff to the hospital. Some organizations arrange company transport, and some palace employees should go to see the doctor themselves.

The doctor issues a certificate of sick leave specifying how many days the patient needs to rest. When the employee comes back to work he/she submits the Sick leave certificate to the HR department.

You will take sick leave with full pay for 15 days a year and take half pay for 30 days, and no pay for 90 days. If an employer denies paying in accordance with labour law of UAE you have the right to complain against them to MOHRE.

If a discussion with your employer at the MOHRE (Ministry Of Human Resource and Emiratisation) office is not amicable then the case can arbitrate to the labor court it will take a very long time.

Note: This sick leave policy in UAE is applicable only for the employees who have fallen sick when they are in the accommodation and not contracting the workplace injuries. If you are injured or exposed by the work-related disease there are other articles are involved. Click here for more

Conclusion: UAE is one of the countries where the labor law has followed much better than other gulf countries. Whether you are sick or not you should know your labor rights and learns how to complain to the labor ministry in this country. Most of the companies accept sick leave UAE and pay according to the labor law, but when the cure goes longer than expected companies want to come out of you.


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