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Promotion in security company– Promotion essentially takes your career to the next level. It is the advancement of an employee’s rank within the organization. It entails more responsibility, a higher salary, and additional benefits.

In the security industry, the employees’ position has been divided into different titles such as security guard, officer, supervisor, security manager, and security specialist.

There is a trend in the security industry to fulfill the higher ranks by promoting juniors staffs. However, the company hires an experienced person from a different security company for a handful of positions.

Everybody has their own career goal to be in a respectful position in the organization. If you are working as a security guard and have a professional goal to be a security supervisor, security manager even security specialist.

Read this article until the end which has contained very important guidelines to help you to meet your career goal in the security industry.

For the promotion, you need to be able to convince your employer that you’re worth promoting and you deserve it.

The promotion depends on your education qualification, skills, experiences, and other most important thing is efficiency in the workplace.

What factors help in security guard promotion in a security firm?

As a security guard, you have to be responsible, hard-working, clever, smart, punctual, honest, and obedient to meet your client and company’s expectation.

Metting your client and company’s expectations establishes a positive image in the eyes of your bosses who may be responsible for employees’ promotion.

In a security company, there are various types of command and control over other people’s positions. The higher rank has more authority over the lower ranks, which is carried out through leadership.

Always thinking positively toward the career and company, working with a team as a family, play a leadership role where is needed are good signals to step up your career.

Getting a promotion to the supervisor even manager you are not required to travel over the thorny way. The Sufficient qualification for the security supervisor is your experience and diligent duties that you have been performing daily basis.

In the security industry, promotion depends on either the candidate’s job performance or the security company.

Supposedly, the candidate is qualified for the security supervisor or manager but there is no vacancy in the company.

The company requires the candidate for the senior position but the current employees are not meet the criteria.

The above two reasons determine your promotion in the security industry. Therefore, you should take care of the following things before and after joining the security company.

1. Try to find a job in a big company.

Before you join the company, do some research on it and learn more about it. If possible, ask your friends about the company’s promotion policy if they are already in that organization.

Read the company’s review on Glassdoor, indeed, monster job, and other online job portals.

The ex. or current employees may have expressed their experience with the company on those sites.

Join only the company which has a fair policy for career advancement for the employee.

If you work in a small business there is less chance to get a promotion because of a few senior positions.

That’s why to start your career with a large and reputable company is a good idea to possess a senior position in the future.

2. Get Additional Training

There are many training institutes that provide leadership and career development training to the security guard.

If you complete these types of training let your company management be aware of them, these types of training help you promote in a security company.

Completing firearms training and having a weapon license reward the higher pay. Doing a supervisor or management training makes you one step forward for getting a promotion in the future comparing your counterparts.

In some countries, without getting the security supervisor training from the authority. The security guard can not work as a security supervisor.

Promoting the guard and sending for leadership training takes time and cost for the company. If you have already learned these skills and have a training certificate obviously you may get a chance.

3. Keep a good relationship with your client.

Most security companies supply the security personnel to their client. Maintaining a good relationship with your client by performing the super duty is another tool for you to get a  promotion as a supervisor.

When you impress the client, they can recommend you for a promotion and higher pay. The customer desire often is not denied in the security company so you should conduct day-to-day duty in an impressive way to the customer.

4. Having a driving license to get a promotion in a security company

The supervisor has more responsibility and he should be able to reach where the problem occurs.

Without driving your own vehicle you will take time to reach the incident places via public or company transportation.

So, most companies prefer to promote a supervisor to a person who has a valid driving license.

Especially in the Gulf region if you have a driving license you have more chances to be the patrolling supervisor.

5. Be a problem solving don’t be a part of the problem.

Many problems can happen on your day-to-day duty, try to solve those problems and don’t create problems yourself.

Inform your supervisor or manager just about solving difficulties on your own. Show them that you have the ability to handle the situation.

6. Be popular in a team.

You should be popular in your company by developing and using your skills. Be kind and helpful to your coworkers, supervisors, and underlings.

Upgrade relationships with the people who make decisions in your company. Be present at company events and network with people from outside your department.

When you take part in such types of events you can grow your relationship with a senior person in that organization.

Without knowing the management team you can not get a promotion even if you are a very talented guy in the organization.

Use the company events as an opportunity (company anniversary, sports events, and seminar) to become familiar with your boss.

7. Ask the promotion if believe you are capable.

You may be shy or feel awkward to be sharing your career goal with your boss. The important is that don’t be reluctant to tell your career aim to the supervisor and manager.

Someone may discourage you but many seniors willing to help the person who has a goal in that organization.

8. Apply for a job within the company

These days you can’t just wait for a promotion internally. That can happen sometimes. Especially at large companies, you require to go through the application and interview process. You’ll have to compete with candidates from outside the company.

You should not think your company will prefer hiring you because the interview team knows you personally.

The company needs talent for managerial roles therefore, it is time to learn extra knowledge such as management skills.

9. Seek employment elsewhere

Most people occupy a senior position in middle age they have a history working in many companies.

Even working in a company for a long period you may not get an opportunity to grab a higher post if it is not vacant.

In this context, you have to look for better opportunities elsewhere. Apply for jobs in the other companies if a supervisor or manager is needed.

You may love your company and boss but you should need to do what is in the best interest of your career.

10. Bring the new business to the company.

It is another point which helps you for promotion or pays rise. All companies need more business and more profit. If you have the ability to give to the company growth absolutely you deserve a reward.

You may think now, about how a security guard brings the business to the company right.? To do so, first, you have to show your professionalism in your duty.

You have to deal with the visitors, vendors or other company bosses in your site if they impress of your work they can give the contract to your company.

You can play the role of mediator between your company and the contract provider. Every company loves to reward the higher position who bring the business to the company.

The above 10 things can help you to make a successful career in the security industry the world.

Best oF Luck

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