Industrial Security Specialist Duties and responsibilities


Industrial Security Specialist is a profession to deal with the security relates matter in an organization. Today’s world the security personnel are supplied by the private’s security firm but the organization also establishes an internal security department where security manager and industrial security specialist may consist.

On the other hand, small organizations often rely on private security firms for the security industry specialists’ services without establishing their own security department. Doing so, they can save on the operating cost of the security system in the organization.

Whether you are working in-house or from the private’s security firm you will take similar responsibilities for the Industrial Security Specialist services.

Require for Industrial security specialist?

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.
  • Excellent understanding of security systems.
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in managing security operations.
  • Handling ability of the security operation to the multiple locations
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to run different reports as required.

Your duties may vary Depending on the size of the organization, product sensitivities, organization’s security risk, and specific site policy. The common duties of security industry specialists are as follows;

Industrial Security Specialist Duties

  • Manage and oversee the security operation in the organization.
  • Play a collaborative role with different security vendors or service providers and manage their performance.
  • Maintain an effective integrated security system within the organization. Support for the hardware or software team if they need to carry out the maintenance work.
  • Manage the performance of security personnel on the grounds.
  • Review the security operations, identify gaps and propose resolutions
  • Visit the area of the responsibilities and inspect security personnel on Duty.
  • Depending on the clients’ or organization’s needs, develop the security process and procedures.
  • Ensure that the company’s safety and security plan complies with the requirements of local authorities.
  • Deal with the government department which oversees the security regulation of the country.
  • Review all the integrated systems including CCTV, alarm, sensor, and fire fighting equipment and purpose for any enhancement required.
  • Make sure the access control systems are working properly and procedures have been followed by security personnel and other employees.
  • Developed and manage access control reports.
  • Provide technical solutions and recommendations to the clients or the organization for mitigating the risk and threat.
  • Identify the security personnel capabilities for the real-time response and recommend if any training requires.
  • Coordinate with client internal departments and stakeholders.
  • Preparing reports as per client requirements.
  • Informs the employees about Quality, Environmental, Safety, and Occupational Health Policies and ensures continued compliance with these requirements.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the line manager/supervisor.

Conclusion: Industrial Security Specialist evaluates the current security situation of the specific site and recommends improvements and add-ons. Only the person who is highly experienced in the security field or the relevant degree can obtain the roles because most of the security plan may depend on the security specialist recommendation.

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