How to go western countries for work from gulf countries?


If you are on a work visa in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries and want to go for work to the most western countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, and the European Union. It is possible, because, many expatriates workers have already migrated there for the skilled and unskilled professions.

You can move from the Gulf region to the Western countries for work, study, and tourism, but this article is the guide for everyone who wants to work there and looking for information about the visa process.

The purpose can be anything but let me explain, how easy it is, to enter the EU, Canada, the US, and other advanced countries from the gulf region.

If you ask anyone who is in the EU, Canada, and any other developed nation and they had received a work visa from the Gulf countries, may share different ideas, because, it depends on the country where you want to move.

Is it easy to get a visa to western countries from the gulf? 

The visa process for the western countries is much easier and there is a high chance of approval if you have applied for a visa from the gulf region than your country, just like India, Nepal, Pakistan, or any other developing countries.

As I know there are four ways you can get a work visa for the western countries, but, you must meet the criteria that can be the different countries by countries.

If you want to go to Canada, the requirement is different, if you want to go to European countries there is a different requirement.  I mean you should meet the criteria for the specific country that you are going to apply for the visa.

What is required in order to apply for a work visa to a western country?

The documentation is the most important part if you want to get a work visa for developed countries. The requirement for educational and legal documents could be different according to the specific countries’ labor and immigration laws. However, here are some common documents are;

  1. Attested educational certificate.
  2. NOC or Non-Objection Certificate from current employer.
  3. Police clearance certificate.
  4. Good conduct certificate.

How to get a visa to western countries?

As I know the ex-pats in the Gulf countries have gone to the USA, Canada, Uk, and the EU for work through the four ways.

  1.  Apply yourself;

Some companies from western countries hire international candidates; you should do your own research online or offline to find a legitimate organization. The employment company can be your sponsor and you have to do the visa process through that country’s embassy.

You may require to submit various documents, and have an interview to qualify for the visa and work permit in the relevant country’s embassy in the country you are living in.

  1. Your company can transfer you;

There are many multinational companies in the Gulf region, specifically in Dubai. The company can send you for the training or for work in the same company in the western countries but you must be working in that organization very long and should be talented.

In this condition, you are not required to do anything because the company will go through all the procedures to get the visa for you.

  1. Your boss can take you there;

If you are a domestic worker, including, house driver, housemaid, cook, and personal security guard. If Your owner is from a western country, he or she can take you to work in their house in that country where they are from.

  1. Work with a recruitment agency;

There are some recruitment agencies in the Gulf region that work with international companies and recruit you on behalf of that organization and do all the necessary things for, getting the visa and work permit for you.

In the next article, I would give you the list of recruitment agencies where you can contact, but, be safe yourself, because, we cannot trust some fake agencies that can scam you.


If you are a resident of the gulf region and have not involved in any criminal activities. There are a lot of opportunities to move to the most advanced countries for work. There are a lot of procedures to obtain a work visa to western countries. It takes time times longer than 6 months, but, you must be patient.

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