How to get for ADNOC careers UAE?


ADNOC is the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company and one of the largest oil and gas industry in the world. If you’re looking for adnoc careers in the United Arab Emirates or other countries this article guides you to the various ways to get a job in this organization.

Let me explain the recruitment process of the company before guiding you to seek a job at ADNOC. If you want to get the job review of this company clicks here.

What is the recruitment process of ADNOC?

The first thing that the company publishes jobs in adnoc career portal or sends workers’ demand letters to another county’s recruitment agency. Every year the companies hire juniors level employees from other countries while seniors positions fill in the United Arab Emirates.

The second step is the application, If you are in the UAE, you can apply for a specific role on the company’s website or submit your application to the HR Department of Adnoc.

The third step is an interview, The company representative will take an interview in your country, or it may be on-line. Applicants in the UAE should be present at the company’s offices to face the interview.

Can you apply for an ADNOC job from your home country?

Since it is a multinational corporation accepting applications from, or outside the UAE, however, you should be from the country from where ADNOC has already recruited some employees.

How to look for ADNOC careers?

There are many ways you can get information about the opportunities in the ADNOC company, including recruitment agencies, your friends who work with it, and most importantly, on their company website.

How to apply for a job at ADNOC?

First of all, visit the Adnoc Career Portal to get a list of recently posted vacancies. If you want to search for a particular position you are looking for and use a search box, search by location or keywords.


When you find and believe that you meet the job requirements, click the Apply Now button. The existing user can log in with his or her previous user name and password, while the new user needs to create an account.

After login, fill out the online application form and upload your CV and other required documents.

When your application is reviewed by both the application tracking system and the HR department, you will receive adnoc career email with the interview date, time, and interview method.

If you are in the UAE for any type of visa you may be present at the company office, if you are outside the UAE. The interviewer can arrange a virtual interview.

Although there are several ways to join this company, the most effective way to apply for adnoc careers is through the official website.


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