Abu Dhabi national oil company job review (ADNOC)


Abu Dhabi national oil company or ADNOC is a leading energy firm based in the United Arab Emirates. The company operates in the fields of oil and natural gas exploration, processing, storage, refining, and trading, besides, develops a wide range of petrochemical products. Over 50 thousand employees work in this organization and more than 700 new employees join each year.

If you are wondering what the benefits and disadvantages of working in ADNOC companies are, here you go, this article is all about that. Not every company is perfect for an employee, because, there are some positive and negative aspects. If you want to learn how to look for a job at ADNOC click here.

This rule also implies the Abu Dhabi National Oil company. Our review is base on the experience of the previous and current employees. Our review has been broken down into several parts.

Benefits – Abu Dhabi national oil company (ADNOC)

  1. Free recruitment;

Although UAE Labor law does not allow the company to charge any recruitment costs to the candidates, most of the companies ask the new employees to pay them for visa processing fees, and other government charges.

ADNOC bears these cost, mean, there is no recruitment fees or any other hidden charges on the name of the recruitment.

2. Free Accommodation and food;

Most of the companies in the UAE do not provide food freely to the employees. If offers will be deducted from your salary. But, Adnoc provides free food and free accommodation.

3. Salary in time;

The company will pay your salary in time, at the end of the month you would get it, into your bank account.

4. Good Management;

It is one of the well-managed company. Despite the different roles in the organization the working spirit, it is excellent. The friendly nature between junior staff and the management level makes the company unique. The company treats its employees as the asset, the safety of the employees is a priority in the workplace.

5. Great workplace culture;

There is not any unnecessary pressure, workmates are so accommodating and patient in terms of teaching jobs to the new employees. You will feel as if you are in the home not in the workplace. The work system is very good you will really enjoy working.

6. Training before start work;

The company gives you training if you are new or assigned to a new role. You learn much more before starting the work, so, when you work then you will not feel stress although you are in the new role.

7. Vacations and emergency leave;

Every two years you get a vacation for two months with a basic salary along with the two ways ticket. If there is an emergency in your home, the admin department will arrange to get you back to your home country within 24 hours.

8. Opportunities for career development;

The company provides equal opportunity to every employee for career growth. If you are talented, this is the place to show off and get a reward.

9. Various experience for working;

Abu Dhabi national oil company subsidiaries are diversified. You can get the chance to experience a variety of nature jobs. Including; sales, exploration of oil and gas, refinery, retail stores, etc.

10. Other compensations;

Workers’ safety comes first, but in the case of accidental death, injury, and disability at work, the compensation process is super-fast and pays according to the law. Remuneration and medical insurance are remarkable compared to the other companies in the UAE.

Disadvantages – Abu Dhabi national oil company

Although I have mentioned the advantages of careers at ADNOC there are some complaints from the employees.

  1.  Long hours of working: Although the company pays more attention to the welfare of employees, some projects require employees to perform overtime due to constraints of time. If you are not an overtime lover then this company may not be a good place. The petrol pump staff need to perform the duty longer than regular hours.
  2.  Salary deduction after the pandemic: The company has restructured the employees’ salary after the COVID 19 pandemic and now employees are getting less pay than it was previously.
  3. Outdoor jobs: Most of the employees need to work outdoors, it’s hard to work under the scorching sun in the summer.

Conclusion: Despite some drawbacks, the company is generally a good company to work in the United Arab Emirates. If you are looking for a good organization in the oil and gas industry, so, you may not get a better company than ADNOC.

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