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The military contractor is a type of work, wherein, ex-armed force and police officers are employed to perform security or the military roles in the country or out of it.

When we talk about national military nobody confuse about it because it is the most important organization in the country. We all know that the responsibility and duty of defence forces including protection of the state from external threat and maintaining the peace in the country from undesired rebellion.

The military officers are a government services provider they hired, paid and deployed by the government to meet the state’s threat.

Every country has a military department and well known by the public, however, many people are not aware of the private military.

In this post, you would learn about the private military organizations, their recruitment procedure and the idea to look for a job.

What is the (PMC) or private military company?

PMCs offer armed combat and security services to the clients in the exchange of payment for the services. There are two types of ownership over private military corporations, either private or semi-government.

Although private military companies provide armed guards to the government and non-government organizations in the country. Now, there is a trend that hiring the private military contractor and send for overseas tasks.

Some private military companies provide usually different types of services instead of armed guarding, such as providing intelligent or collecting information on behalf of the Military.

The private military companies are not famous however there are the corporate level organizations existed. Some private military contractors possess the drone, intelligent aeroplane and other sophisticated military hardware.

Are private military companies legal?

There is not any company in the world registered as a private military. They register as a Security Company then provide both (Military and Security) services. PMC refer to their employees as military or security contractors.

If their staffs work for the military they call military contractor and staffs who work as security they call security contractor.

The private military company offers service and expertise typically similar to government security, military, and law enforcement agency.

Private military contractors play the supplement role for the military. Some private corporate companies also hire them as the bodyguard for key staffs or protection of company premises in the volatile area.

Scope of military contractor job;

If there is the war, Private military contractors get a lot of chance of operating and earning. In Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria there are more than 1000 private military companies.

Those organizations have been involving armed guarding the military bases, installations, foreign embassies, and corporate companies. In addition, they provide logistic support to the foreign military.

In the middle east countries. There are plenty of chances for private military companies and private military contractors since the local population do not want to join it.

The GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council ) countries such as Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia have accommodated the US Army and airforce bases. PMCs provide armed guarding services to the US army bases all over the Gulf region.

Another chance for private military contractors within the Gulf Cooperation Council countries is, the GCC governments have a contract with the private military companies for the protection of the key government facilities and the royal family members.

You may notice the individuals from India, Nepal, Philippines, Pakistan and African nationals they’re guarding the govt. facilities in the Gulf countries with a military uniform. They’re private military contractors not active or the regular military of these countries.

The top private military company in the world.

1. Aegis Defence Services (London)
2. Garda World International protecting Services (USA)
3. management Risks (Europe)
4. Erinys International (Dubai)
5. Sand line International (London)
6. AirScan (USA)
7. Academi (USA)
8. full general Battles (USA)
9. G4S the USA
10 Jorge Scientific Corporation USA
12 magazine part USA
13. MPRI, Inc. USA
14. MVM, Inc. USA
15 Northbridge Services cluster John Howard Northrop Grumman the USA
16. Raytheon USA
17. Titan Corporation USA
18 Triple cover, Inc. USA
19. Costello’s cluster. USA
20. Vinnell Corporation USA

The Qualification to be a military contractor;

The qualification to become a private military contractor you must have experience of military, armed police and law enforcement agency in your home country. But some of the PMC companies they want more than the military they require a candidate who has done commando or the ranger training. Here are common criteria the candidate must meet;

  • Minimum 23+ years of age.
  • fluent in English speaking, reading, and writing.
  • possess a Secret services clearance or police clearance certificate.
  • Military background and knowledge of Combat Arms,
  • Having the worked capacity with Military officer in a series of combat scenarios.
  • Must have honorary discharge record, not any misconduct discharge.
  • Must be able to qualify on primary military weapons and crew-served weapons.
  • Able to work any weather condition.


This occupation brings more salary than you received at military, police or other defence departments in your home country. But there is some risk that you can expose by danger if the deployment country is in the war.

  • Low Salary: $1200-$1500
  • Average: $2500-$6000
  • High: $800-$1100

The salary affects various factor such as location, country safety status and size of the company.

How find Private military contractor job?

The private military company do not publish an opening in the public newspapers or any job portals. So, it is hard to determine which PMC requires manpower and when?. As I know about their hiring policy there are three ways to search for PMC job.

  1. Submit your CV on the company website.

    Private military companies are secret services provider so, they might not make public their job opening. Every company has the website, simply submit your CV on their website. When they need the new candidate can call you for the interview.

  2.  find a job online

    Not all, but some of the private military companies publish the vacancies online job portals like, monster job and glass door etc. I have found some private military contractor jobs for Afghanistan, Iraq and other war-torn countries. But, make sure you that you have chosen the genuine private company not andy scammer.

If you discover an available job from a reliable company. You can apply for it, even though, the jobs are publicly available. Always be cautious when you apply for a job online because somebody will scam you on the name of a private military company.

  1. Your friend will help you

    Your own friend who already works in PMC as a private military contractor can inform you for the opening. Most of the private military contractor jobs fill from a recommendation of their employees because they trust the person to whom their employees have known already.

    I think; it is a good idea to be in touch with your friends and relatives who work as a        private military contractor they can recommend you for the position too.

Final thoughts: The private military contractor job can be the best option for the ex-army, police and law enforcement agency personnel. The salary for the private military contractor depends on a level of threat in the place where they perform the duty.

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