How to find Ajman government jobs in the UAE?


Ajman is the smallest emirates of the United Arab Emirates and it has been ruled by the king dynastic. 90 percent of the population of the Ajman are Emiratis. Despite that, there are many Ajman government jobs are available for foreign nationals.

Whether you are a local or resident of the UAE, I am writing this post to guide you to search for job opportunities in the government of Ajman and eventually, land your career in this tiny state.

While the majority of government agencies in Ajman are federal, there are a few state government entities to pursue your career.

Entities of Ajman Government;

Benefits of Ajman government jobs

Everybody has literally known that Ajman is a tiny emirate and they also assume that, the government may not have sufficient resources to support the employees as much as Dubai and Abu Dhabi can do.

Although the Ajman administration has fewer economic resources than Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, its public servants have been completely supported by the government in every aspect of the well-fare. Here are some reasons that you may love to work in the government sector in Ajman;

  1. Salary package;

Ajman government has a history of following every move of the Abu Dhabi government. Therefore, you would not receive less salary than the other emirates of the UAE.

2. Vacation and other compensation

Ajman government provides its employees every benefit they have entitled, according to the federal labor law and Ministry of Human resources and Emiratization (MOHRE).

3. Amazing work environment;

The government of Ajman has implemented the code of conduct for public servants. The regulation, no matter where you are from or what’s your nationality makes others treat you equally.

The workplaces are not crowded like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, so, you will enjoy the peaceful work environment.

4. Multicultural workforce;

UAE is a cosmopolitan country, with a population of 205 nationals. Ajman is no exception from this reality.

I mean every department of the Ajman government you would get the opportunity to work with multicultural and multinationalism, it can be a great chance to learn other cultures and languages.

  1. Job Security: Woking in the government sectors in UAE. You have full job security means you won’t lay off under any circumstances.
  2. Family visa and others: There is no doubt that your family visa is not denied as a government employee. You can bring your family and raise your, children, in Ajman.
  3. Huge bonuses: Every year the government provides a bonus on the month of Ramadan, which will not possible in the private sector.
  4. Salary In time: Every end of the month you would receive your hard-earned money into your bank account, no need to wait even a single day unless it falls on a holiday.
  5. Salary increment: Your salary will increase according to the market conditions, no need to request or lobbying your manager.
  6. Respectable job: If you work in the government sector public respect in different ways than the employees of the private sector.

How to search Ajman government job vacancies?

The Ajman government has not launched yet a career portal like Dubai and other emirates but every government entities accept your application with the attached CV, now let me tell you how you can make it possible.

First Step: Visit the Ajman government official website and go over the main menu, find the government entities. On the other hand, you can visit the government department directly from the link that I have provided above.

Second Step: Now make your own decision, which department you want to work for. visit the government’s entity’s official website and go over the career section if you find a position that fits you then apply for that.

If there are no available jobs for you then upload your CV, when your skills and experiences match with any job you would be get notified via email.

Have the Interview: When you get a call for the interview, just attend with full of interview preparation. If you’re the success in the interview, you have unlocked the door of a career with Ajman’s government.

What types of job foreigners could do?

Although the government gives propriety to the locals for every opportunity, some government jobs have disregarded by the UAE national. On the other hand, some jobs need particular skills and UAE nationals have not possessed them. Those types of jobs still available for foreigners.

Conclusion: To find the Ajman government jobs in the UAE is not difficult if you are highly qualified or you are willing to accept the low level of the job.

Although The UAE national has huge opportunities and priority from the government, foreigners are still enjoying achieving a higher position, particularly in the technology field.
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