How much fine for overstay in UAE?

fine for overstay in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries in the globe that changes its Visa policies and associated costs on a regular basis based on market conditions. From the end of 2022, there is a new fine for overstay in the UAE, which will be valid until the government announces the new degree.

What is overstaying in the UAE?

Foreign nationals are only permitted to stay in the country for a limited period of time. If their visa is about to expire, they must return to their home country or extend it. Overstaying occurs when you continue to stay after your visa expires.

Although the UAE government provides various types of visas, the most common are as follows, and we will discuss the associated overstay fees for those visa holders.

  1. Overstay Fine on Visit Visa;

If you have a visit visa and overstay after the 10-day grace period, you may be charged AED 50 for each day of delay, which has been decreased from the prior rate of AED 100 per day.

According to the new rules, you must pay AED 100 on the first day after completing the grace period and AED 50 on the following days. Learn More about visit visas.

2. Overstay Fine on Tourist Visa;

The same terms and conditions, as well as the associated fees, will apply to tourist visa holders as to visit visa holders.

It means you must pay AED 100 on the first day after completing the grace period and AED 50 on the following days. Learn More about Tourist visas.

3. Overstay Fine on Residence Visa;

If residency visa holders continue to stay in the country after their visa expires, they must pay a higher fee than they did previously.

The previous daily overstay cost was AED 25, however, the newly announced fee is AED 50 per day.

The grace period of the residency visa holder currently varies depending on their qualification or job.

A grace period of 180 days;

Professionals with skill levels 1 and 2 can stay for up to 180 days before returning to their home country or renewing their resident visas. If they still stay after the 180 days grace period have to pay the AED 50 overstay fee each day.

Skill level 1 professional

Skill level 2 professional

A grace period of 90 days;

After their visa expires, residents with skill level 3 professions are entitled to a 90-day grace period. If they stay the following days have to pay AED 50 per day as overstaying fees.

Skill level 3 professional

A grace period of 30-60 days;

After this grace period, resident visa holders who do not have a specific qualification or profession in the UAE must pay to overstay fines based on the number of days they remain without a valid visa.

Professionals with skill levels 4 and 5 have a grace period ranging from 28 to 60 days when they stay further and have to pay a fine for overstay in the UAE.

Skill level 4 professional

Skill level 5 professional

The UAE government has relaxed its visa requirements in order to attract talent from around the world and develop the tourism industry.

There will be no future bans unless the overstayer engages in illegal activity. It is now even easier to pay the overstay charge and change your visa status in the UAE.

Check to overstay fine in the UAE online.

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